Dicioná oferece links para dicionários, glossários, enciclopédias, atlas, e outras obras de referência em português na Internet. A directory of reference works in Portuguese.

ECTACO online bidirectional dictionary
Free online dictionaries are useful tools for increasing your Website popularity and getting regular site visitors and new customers for all your products and services.
March audience for ECTACO online dictionaries amounted to 245,996 unique visitors for 2,300,055 translations.

Lithuanian and other e-dictionaries
A lot of online dictionaries and downloadable program. Lithuanian - english; german; russian; italian; polish; esperanto; norwegian; italian; french. History dates; maxims; known people and more.

Online Dictionary
Online dictionary for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Multilingual on-line translation dictionary and miscellaneous language-related stuff.

Byelorussian Linguistic Portal
This site offers free online Byelorussian dictionaries as well as literature in Byelorussian language and a forum dedicated to the
Byelorussian laguage.

My Hebrew Dictionary
My Hebrew Dictionary is an on-line resource containing groups of English words translated into Hebrew. The groups of words range from fruit and vegetables to basketball. The computer section itself has over 400 terms. The dictionary is unique because you do not need Hebrew fonts to display the Hebrew words. All words are displayed using graphics. The site loads quickly and
the interface is simple. Anyone interested in learning new words of this ancient / modern language is invited to visit.

online dictionary for Moksha
Cyrillic or Latin input)  <====> English

Language Teacher
Our Dictionaries "Language Teacher" translate from more than twenty languages, utilize speech recognition system and occupy 80% of the market.

Spanish German online dictionary
Spanish German online dictionary with more tha 141000 translations (about 1/2 mio words), translation forum, voice files, 3900 phrases and verb tables.

Lexi Tools
LexiTools: Practical Online Polish-English Translating Dictionary

German-Spanish and Spanish-German Dictionary

German-Spanish and Spanish-German Dictionary

A-Z Dictionary of Modern France
"excellent resource" (University of Adelaide) and as "very impressive and useful for students of French" (University of Edinburgh), the Online A-Z dictionary of modern France ( ) is a unique freely accessible resource for students and those with an interest in France, covering people, institutions and life in Modern France. It includes the fields of business, politics, institutions, major events, major organisations, many acronyms in common use, plus many other points of reference in modern France, from AB to ZUP – words and names that are part and parcel of modern French life.

Online English-Catalan, Catalan-English dictionary

An online English-Catalan-English dictionary with 23,550 English-Catalan entries and 18,832 Catalan-English entries. Also check this Facebook page!

English/Chinese dictionary

A online English/Chinese dictionary, it focuses on Chinese language learning English speakers, provide Chinese handwriting recognition and human voice pronunciation.

Czech-English electronic dictionary

ózech-English electronic dictionaries in the Czech Republic.

English Dictionary
Free searchable English dictionary with over 200,000 word definitions and list of their synonyms.

German <-> Persian online dictionary

The dictionary currently contains about 120 000 entries. Many of them are correct, but there are some stupid messages. Nevertheless, it can help a beginner to learn German and especially Persian. Currently we are dictionary entries to check it. Please enter words in a Persian Persian script. The Latin transcription for Persian is not currently recognized.

The School Gaelic Dictionary
Gaelic Dictionary

English-Gaelic Parliamentary Dictionary
English-Gaelic Parliamentary Dictionary

FREELANG Scottish Gaelic-English and English-Scottish Gaelic online dictionary
Scottish Gaelic-English and English-Scottish Gaelic online dictionary

> Gaelic dictionary
English > Gaelic dictionar

Dictionary Guarani /Portuguese, Portuguese/ Guarani
For philologists, etymologists, linguists or anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of the Guarani/Portuguese language, the Guarani /Portuguese, Portuguese/ Guarani in this practicable, format is a resource to cherish.

Online Xhosa-English Dictionary

online Xhosa-English Dictionary

Encyclopedia of Madagascar and Malagasy Dictionary
The site is both a monolingual Malagasy-Malagasy dictionary and a set of bilingual dictionaries (French-Malagasy, English-Malagasy, ...). It contains a wealth of illustrations, quotations from the literature, synonymes, grammatical data, proverbs, subject lists, toponymic and patronymic information, etc.


Practical Online Polish-English Translating Dictionary. Free, online database with direct access.

Polish French dictionary
French Polish dictionary, Polish French dictionary

Scots Gaelic - English dictionary
The online version of Dwelly's great Scots Gaelic - English dictionary

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