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The National African Language Resource Center

The National African Language Resource Center, at the University of Wisconsin Madison, was established in September 1999. It is a federally funded, nonprofit national foreign language center dedicated to the advancement of African language teaching and learning in the United States.

English to African Dictionary
You can convert any word to African Language.

African languages

The African continent differs from all others by the very large number of its indigenous languages. Estimates range from 700 to 3000 different languages and dialects. Such a high number testifies to the high degree of isolation in which the respective communities developed their specific languages.

African Language guide
What African Language is Spoken Where?

African studies center
This website includes information about the spoken languages of Africa, as well as linguistic analysis of some African languages.

This website contains information about African Languages

This website contains information about African Languages, and other African Language related resources. Currently mostly only the South African languages are covered, as well as Kiswahili and Cilubā.

isiZulu (Zulu)
isiZulu (Zulu) is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa. There are 10,677,305 (23.82 %) first language speakers [2001 census data], which makes this the language in South Africa with the most first language speakers. isiZulu is mostly spoken in and around Kwa-Zulu Natal (see map). There are also a fairly large number of speakers in the Gauteng area.

African for kids
Its a good website for kids

African Voices

We have developed 3 products that use interactive multimedia on CD-ROM, to teach the Xhosa and Zulu languages of Southern Africa. Our site both promotes these products as well as providing interesting information about the languages and cultures.

N'Ko Institute
Dedicated to the study,and exploration of N'Ko, and to all the speakers of the "Clear Language". It is dedicated to them, their history, Language, culture, and to all the students and teachers of N'Ko throughout the world. Mande base languages include Baimmbara, Mandingo, Dioula, Maninka, etc..

African Online Shop
Online shop for African languages such as Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo
About 300 language pages with links to comprehensive websites with information and other links related to a language and to websites  that have commercial products. Also includes language topics with links to appropriate sites.  About 50 of the language pages also have a language toolbar with one-click links to interesting subjects such as newspapers in the language, where spoken, a radio station, etc.  We sell our own downloadable, inexpensive ($3.95) language product called a Pocket Module with 50 phrases in a language designed specifically for travelers who want to easily learn a few phrases. 10 languages are currently available.  Our 50-series Pocket Modules are also available on CD-ROM.

Obsevatory of languages on the Internet
Studies about the systematic measurement of the place of languages and cultures in the Internet as compared to English and USA culture. The methodology, based on the use of search engines with linguistic and cultural samplings of words in the studied languages (so far French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian), is entirely described as well as the detailled results. Show a steady relative decrease of the presence of English.

Lingvistica's Internet Shop
The site informs the visitor on our Machine Translation and Language Learning programs and faciliates the purchasing of the software.
additional sites: ,

Santillana Net Languages
The world's leading virtual language school. Try our free level test and the free trial class. Choose between a number of courses: General English, English for Work, English for Teachers, English Exam Practice, Englsih 4 Kids (coming soon) and General Spanish. Net Languages is the only virtual school that provides its students with their own, personal tutor on all its courses. E-languages with a human touch. Welcome

Languages of Europe
From two adjacent menus it is possible to select two languages, probably related to each other, and compare standard words in both languages. The site is young, but I am adding new words and new languages at every opportunity. Past and present forms of the languages can also be compared. Major and lesser-known languages on display.

Critical Languages Series, University of Arizona
The Critical Languages Program (CLP) at the University of Arizona has developed the Critical Languages Series of CD-ROM courseware for Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese, Kazakh, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Turkish, which contain videos, exercises, graphics, extensive footnotes, and thousands of native speaker audio recordings.

This is an academic and extracurricular website of Dr Ghil`ad Zuckermann, D.Phil. (Oxford), a linguist at the University of Cambridge. Among the languages he focuses on are ISRAELI, Hebrew, Yiddish, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Polish, English, German and French.

Largest specialist language learning bookseller
We are the largest specialist language learning bookseller on the web (and supply UK bookstores, libraries, etc) with over 480 languages!

One World Language Centre
We offer students the opportunity to learn Sardinian or Italian in our school and practise the language and at the same time enjoy famous Sardinian hospitality in carefully selected host families. We are in the capital of the beautiful island of Sardinia, Cagliari in the centre of the city and near the beach. All ages are taught.Groups welcome.

Pure Language  
Canadian, family run supplier of the Pimsleur audio language method (we have suppliers in both Canada and the USA).  Learn any one of over 30 languages (from Albanian to Vietnamese) with Pimsleur's unique methods. Pimsleur is the only audio course to be granted an ACTFL rating (rating reserved for US language SCHOOLS).  Pimsleur is the best way to meet your long-term language goals or simply to arrive at your next holiday destination knowing more than just how to order a beer in the local language!   Thank you for your consideration.   Since I personally have no idea how a website runs or functions (I leave it all to my webmaster) - please send the appropriate reciprication information and I will pass it along to her for consideration.  

The language exchange database
The target to help foreigners and residents to improve their knowledge of foreign languages.

Learn Languages Abroad
Offers information about learning languages abroad.

Global leader in language learning software
Indeed, Auralog is the global leader in language learning software and publisher of the award-winning reference TeLL me More. Distributed in 67 countries to government organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and academic institutions, TeLL me More is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. The content can be on CD-ROM,
Intranet, Online, LMS Compatible. It helped million of users worldwide to Master a language with 1,600 hours of content per language, levels ranging from Beginner to Business and our innovative technology based on speech recognition.

Language Teacher's Toolbox is the World Language Teacher's Toolbox. Maintain a database of words, verb forms, conversation and composition topics. Share with others and draw from the common pool. Generate online a HUGE variety of auto-scored activities ranging from simple cabulary games to rubric-scored compositions and short responses. Great for whole class language lab activities, assignments that can be done online, enrichment or practice for kids who need a little more work.

Find a language exchange friend
Polyglot is dedicated to language learning and teaching online. You can register for free and look for a native speaker.
You can :  FIND a pen friend in our data base,  Send CONFIDENTIAL MAIL, CHAT online and  Exchange ideas on our FORUM.

Tandemcity - Language Exchange Community
The Tandem Community is the virtual place where you can practice and develope your knowledgments in other languages through the direct contact with people all over the world interested, like you, in cultural and language exchange.

World Languages TV
The WLTV World Languages TV website is for people in
UK and western Europe who wish to receive foreign language television by satellite free of charge. It is very useful for people learning foreign languages because its database provides information on the hundreds of free digital satellite TV and radio channels available, website links, and information about satellite radio.  It is especially useful for foreign language learners needing to know about free European, Arabic and other language channels available on the Hotbird and Astra satellites (e.g. Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, etc).  It includes multi-lingual channels (e.g. EuroNew) and teletext for language learning.

Learn to Speak A Foreign Language

A complete language learning guide to learn to speak a foreign language. Learn to speak Spanish, French, Italian, German, and more. Includes reviews of foreign language courses, articles, and tips.

This efficient and user-friendly tool enables students to learn the irregular verbs of different languages. It is composed of three rotary cardboard discs (20 cm of diameter). All the verbs are listed in alphabetical order and are distributed on both sides of the Wheel. The Language Wheel is a motivating didactical tool that contributes to the learning process of verbs, an essential aspect of a language. To use the Wheel, simply point the arrow toward a selected verb and you automatically obtain the conjugated verb! Cupro strives to offer practical learning tools to students in order to perfect their linguistic skills.

My Books And More Books
The site briefly has: online books for children and adults, sites to help in the learning of languages, books in different languages, wayback machine for books in many languages, translation, games, homework helpers, music, beneficial links of all types, Syracuse and central New York links, news.

Multilingual language services is an Austrian based network of translators. We offer language services, especially web site translations between German/English and most languages of the world including Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Japanese. One focus of the services is tourism but translations can be done in other fields too.

Eurolingua Institute
Language training organisation teaching 9 languages in 35 countries, paid work experience programmes and homestays.

Media Movers,Inc.

Full service localization company offering services in dubbing,subtitling,voiceovers & production in Asian,Indian & European languages.

Bilingual language learning site is a Bilingual language learning resource in both French and English which includes many Flash lessons, activities, and Canadian cultural components.


we are creating the web sites for 12 languages( Finnish, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, German (Austrian version). provides a free multimedia resource for learning words and phrases in Latvian and Russian. Each language helper is based around the same format. You start the basic section by learning how each letter of the alphabet sounds then work your way through numbers, days of the week, months of the year, seasons and colours. You can then choose the words and phrases you want to learn from within six category's - time, meeting & greeting, shopping, eating & drinking, which way and help. Each of the six category's has an index, to help you find the phrase you want to learn. Every word is displayed in easy to say pieces and by clicking on the word or phrase you can how a native speaker would say the word/phrase.

Visual Language Learning
Learn languages faster and easier with our amazing flash cards. An innovative language learning system that goes anywhere you go. The ultimate way to learn verbs, adjectives, adverbs and vocabulary.

Bay Foreign Language Books

We aim to provide excellent customer service, regardless of whether we are dealing with a major UK account customer or private scholar, supplying language learning material for over 520 languages.

The Forum of Indo-European Languages
The site is dedicated to Indo-European languages. It includes a community for people engage in discussions.
I am willing to place a reciprocal link to your site.

Seattle Languages International
language programs for adults in seattle - language programs for children in Seattle

good language sites
It's got Audio, Video, and Vocabulary on everything from Italian, French, Spanish, and German, to Russian, Lithuanian, Greek and even Hebrew languages. Plus a new forum has just been added so students can discuss their problems and get solutions, which I really like. carries one of the world's largest selection of language products in hundreds of languages at wholesale prices. has  been selling language products since 1995 and we're sure we carry the right language product to meet your needs. specializes in Pimsleur Language Learning Audio, Electronic Language Translators, Language Translation Software and Language Learning Software.

Word Champ
Learn French, German, Japanese and Spanish vocabulary more effectively. Use pre-made lists of flashcards, or create your own. Practice vocabulary using a variety of different tests integrated with thousands of recordings of native speakers. Use the website decoder to read foreign websites - without translation!

Baby SafariTM Language CDs
Audio CDs created just for infants (birth to age 2). Each CD contains 25 languages.  Helps develop good native pronunciation.  Available in .CDA and .MP3 formats.

English language training at all levels leading to proficiency. For Tourism, Economics, ESP etc, Intensive and Summer Courses. Other European languages such as German, French, Italian and Spanish as well as Asian languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin/Chinese, Hindi and other languages according to demand.

Language Learning Software for Travel and Learning!
We have complete language learning courses for beginners, travelers, & advanced language learning. Teach yourself a foreign language, build your vocabulary or learn sign language.

Shared Talk

Practice foreign languages with native speakers through language exchange. Meet people, chat, send messages, make friends and improve your language skills.

European Portal of languages
You will find on this website the best selection of schools to study languages in Europe: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Learn Languages with Speak7
You can now learn 7 Languages easily and for free, you will find in this website Courses in Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Russian, English ASL with a rich vocabulary, extensive grammar lessons, and a useful phrases list, to help you form sentences and communicate more easily, you can also have text translated for free in these langugages. Spanish and Arabic are available for right now, the rest will be available soon.

Listen & Learn
Listen & Learn specialises in one-to-one and small group language training for businesses and busy individuals who need language skills for work, travel, study, and family needs.We coordinate a team of qualified, native speaking language teachers all over the UK and Ireland, as well as many major cities all over the world.

lernu! is a multi-lingual website whose goal is to inform internet users about Esperanto and help them to learn it, easily and free of charge. It offers more than 10 different Esperanto-courses, interactive exercises in three levels, dictionaries, literature, music and short movies in Esperanto, online lessons and live community of users from all over the world.

Travel Phrase
We have assembled and excellent collection of close to 1000 phrases in major languages including German. 

Audio-text synchronized books
Audio books that are played by the specially developed software program that uses the text of the book for navigation and also shows translations of the separate sentences to other languages.

WebUKNet Directory
Language related links

free beginners’ language courses
The website offers free beginners’ language courses for English, Danish and Hungarian.

language courses
Learn a new language where it is spoken.

LinguaNaut! Phrases in more than 20 languages! is a website designed to help people surf, discover and learn new languages by familiarizing themselves first with basic phrases and sentences that might be very useful for a first time conversation & for easy yet important expressions.

peak Any Language- A Free Language Learning Community
Speak Any Language is a free foreign language learning community. Join free today and start learning your favorite foreign language through language exchanges, chat, forums, games, tutors, online lessons, and more.

Find language schools and language courses
Find language schools and language courses worldwide on the Internet Course Finders, your first information source online for language courses, boarding schools, hotel schools and other international study programmes

This is not a typical languages website. The free-to-use text and audio content is about immediate, need-to-know-right-now words and phrases for Africa, Iraq and other pleasant areas of the Middle East. For members to access the relevant languages click on the respective flags which will take you to the index page of that language.

Maria's Affordable, Complete & Convenient Approach to Language Learning
Online Language Courses

Language Directory
Indian Language Resources

Our courses (tuition offered in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian) consist of a series of 8 or 12 hour days of one-to-one, structured language training using the immersion method.

Language Exchange Community

Find a language exchange partner to practice writing and speaking a foreign language via email, text chat and voice chat. Use free How-To guidelines and lesson plans from a language teacher specializing in language exchange to ensure effective practice. Over 500 000 members.

The multilanguage vocabulary learning site
Increase your vocabulary retention with our free exercises. Make these exercises a regular part of your free online language instruction.Add to your list of games and activities for building vocabulary.Take a Free Vocabulary Exercise now!

Language Courses UK
Language Courses UK :: We offer Courses in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Polish, Greek, Russian, Chinese and Japanese language courses across London, Brighton and Manchester.

LATweb Languages
Online access to dictionaries, grammars, courses, and audio-visual materials for the study and teaching of the languages of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Iberia.

Dolo Languages & Publications
Dolo Publications features Spanish, French, German, English/ESL and bilingual materials that blend language learning with the fine arts, especially music, literature, storytelling and theater. Materials for teachers/educators, parents, and children. Learning foreign languages should be fun! 

At the moment we offer 16 different tools and our clipart gallery has over 1300 hand drawn pictures, which used together, enables you to make a lot of different types of worksheets for vocabulary exercises  in 14 languages. Our data system, together with the clipart dictionary and the tools also gives you the  possibility to make bilingual material in over 180 language combinations.

The Mixxer is a free educational site for language learners and teachers to find a language partner for a language exchange. The language partner is someone who speaks the language you study as their native language and is studying your native language. The partners then meet online to help each other practice and learn a foreign language. The program most commonly used among Mixxer language partners is Skype. Skype is a program that allows you to call other people using Skype for free. You can download skype for free at

We are a Boston-based company which specializes in organizing Arabic, French, German, Greek, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese language immersion programs for students of all levels and ages in carefully chosen study locations across the world.

Multilingual parallel corpus
We are developing a multilingual parallel corpus including 5 languages (Basque, Polish, English, French and Spanish) and texts varying from strictly technical (law) through scientific (sociology), to litterature.

My language travel
Language school reviews and study abroad guide. From student to student, MyLanguageTravel is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great and not so great about your language study abroad.

Language School
Worldwide language schools directory. Find a Language School around the world.

Easiest foreign languages
Easiest foreign languages have many words similar to your native language. For English-speakers, ten foreign languages are easiest because each one has thousands of words similar to English.

Learn French in France | Study French in France
Learn French in one of our France schools! Our French Classes are fun, interesting, engaging and excellent value. You will follow a clear course pathway which focuses on learning French you can use outside the classroom. You will make loads of progress and have a great time doing it.

Language Studies International
Learn and live the language - over 40 years experience

Multi-Lingual Atlas

This Multi-Lingual Atlas contains an overview of the names of countries in Europe in several languages. Not only the main spoken languages (not only the European!), but also the local dialects.

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