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Albanian is a language spoken by over 6 million people, primarily in Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, and the Republic of Macedonia but also in other parts of the Balkans, along the eastern coast of Italy and in Sicily, as well as by emigrant groups in Scandinavia, Germany, Greece, Italy, the UK, Egypt, Turkey, and the USA. The language forms its own distinct branch of the Indo-European language family.  From "Albanian language", Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia,, 12/8/06, available under the terms of the GFDL

Listen and Learn Albanian
Each topic in the audio course provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Albanian grammar. There are numerous topics in the package. Topics include the Albanian definite article, the indefinite article, Albanian adjectives, Albanian pronouns,Albanian demonstrative pronouns. Each explanation includes examples of usage.

Internationalized language-learning Software
This Albanian language-learning software is localized into 21 different languages. That means the software allows you to choose from 21 languages to determine what language the lesson and instructions are presented in. This MLS Easy Immersion course defines itself by providing the power of Albanian language leaning to speakers of over 20 different languages…. in a single course! That’s true value.

Download Albanian Lessons
Download Albanian: Lessons 1 to 5: Learn to Speak and Understand Albanian (Pimsleur) online in MP3, iPod, CD, AM radio, FM radio formats.

Albanian Language Courses in London
Albanian is a language spoken by about 6 million people, primarily in Albania, Kosovo, but also in other parts of the Balkans with an Albanian population, along the eastern coast of Italy and in Sicily, as well as by a significant diaspora in Greece, Scandinavia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Australia, Turkey, and the United States. The language forms its own distinct branch of the Indo-European language family.
Learn How To Speak Albania
Ever wondered how to learn Albanian? The Land of the Eagles - Well ,Pimsleur has the answer.

We at welcome you to our website in order to learn Albanian. The pods will be in different levels starting with the most basic Albanian language. The podcasts will be in Albanian and English, with the Albanian section clearly introduced and unlike many language learning products we will say the words using the target language followed by the words in English NOT the other way round.

Essential phrases - Albanian
Albanian essential phrases
Learn Albanian/English
You will find every good links on albanian language from ditionary to grammar

Talk Now Learn Albanian
Talk Now! Is the world's best selling language learning CD-ROM series for beginners because it gets results fast.

Albanian grammar

The lessons contain the basics of the Albanian grammar.

Albanian Language resources
You will find every good links on albanian language from ditionary to grammar

Pimsleur Albanian Language Courses
With Pimsleur language courses, you will quickly learn to speak Albanian and understand it as well.

Learning the Albanian Language
Vocabulary Builder Albanian Software

Learn to speak Albanian

Learn to speak Albanian today with Talk Now Albanian Language CD-ROM for £17.50 with FREE UK P&P. Albanian Language CD-ROM for Windows PC and Apple Mac.

Albanian Phrase Guides
Quickly learn essential Albanian phrases for travelling, in easy single-serving doses! Great for beginners!

International Albanian Language Course
Learn Albanian Language. From the comfort of your home.

Free Language Software
Your free Byki software bundle includes a full working copy of Byki Express, plus a collection of lists to learn Albanian
It's free and you can use it forever, with no time or session limits. We think you'll like what you see and hear.

Funky Albanian
Free stuff on Albanian Language

Albanian lessons online

Albanian Language and basics
Albanian Overview is in your extended network

Digital Dialects
Learn Albanian Language via games.

The Albanian language
Information on Albanian Language

Albanian Dialects
This website offers the listener audio recordings in Albanian from various regions where the language is spoken. Though the dialects of Albanian are usually mutually intelligible to the listener with an ear for language, regional differences, deriving largely from the historical development of the language, can be substantial, and they are quite fascinating. You can thus listen here to people speaking in a wide range of Albanian dialects. Some of these individuals are good dialect speakers, others were recorded at random to give an idea of how modern Albanian is used in various areas.

Albanian Language information and culture

Albanian Language information and basics of the Language

Albanian writing system
Information regarding the alphabets, writing systems etc

Albanian-oriented WebSites on the entire internet

We have already been honored with  two (2),major awards - CULTURAL CHOICE AWARD and PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD: TOP !00 WEBSITES ON THE INTERNET.  for the little-known or unusual information it provides about Albania and the Albanians.

Albanian Teacher
Learning albanian language with teacher - online courses.



Albanian learning software
World Language Resource sells foreign language software in over 450 languages. Products include: language systems, dedicated word processors, language learning and software tutorials, translation software, dictionaries, proofing tools, spell-checker

Albanian On Line Dictionary
Albanian On Line Dictionary Welcome Albanian on-line dictionary add on Albanian - English Dictionary Welcome to Albanian Software Digest Com

Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA)
Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) ATA is the state news agency of Albania. It first appeared on the Internet the day of the Albanian elections (May 26, 1996). Since then it has been available on the ALBANIAN listserver, mirrored on USENET at bit...

BBC World Service - Albanian

Al Quran - Albanian Es-selamu ..alejkum we rahmetull-llahi we berekatuhu
Es-selamu ..alejkum we rahmetull-llahi we berekatuhu. Projekti pėr tubimin e literaturės Islame. KUR..ANI. nė gjuhėn shqipe. (pėrkthim i Sherif Ahmetit)...

Ethnologue: Albania
More than 24,500 citations spanning 75 years of SIL International's language research in over 2,000 languages. Books about languages and cultures of the world for education, research, and reference.Computer resources including an extensive library for language researchers and software tools and fonts.

Kosova Crisis Center
Dedicated to Albanian Students in Kosova and their fight for a basic right, the right of education in their own language.

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