Welcome to Linguistics
Welcome to Linguistics at Macquarie, one of the largest and most diverse Linguistics Departments in Australia, and very possibly internationally..

How Many types of English are there?
Dictionary What type of English are you learning in school? American? British? Test yourself out here. See which type you really understand. You may need one of these dictionaries to help you. Translating from American to British and Back Again The

Australian English Telephone Speech Database
CallBase Databases Ltd offers a 1000-speaker fixed network telephone speech database for Australian English.Recordings from over 1000 male and female speakers from across Australia include a series of items suitable for development of a broad range of telephone ASR services.

The Australian National Dictionary Centre was established in 1988 with the twin
The Australian National Dictionary Centre The Australian National Dictionary Centre was established in 1988 with the twin purpose of conducting research into Australian English and providing Oxford Australian dictionaries with editorial expertise. Ten years of pioneering work

IPL Reading Room Newspapers: Australia
The Internet Public Library Australia Newspapers The Age (English), Melbourne Army News (English) Canberra; Australian Army; Fortnightly Australian..

Australian Indigenous Languages
Edited by David Nathan Limited no-frames version - March 1 1999 Please email me if you appreciate the availability of this no-frames version - otherwise it may disappear!

Macquarie Thesaurus/Bernard
Bernard, J. The Macquarie Thesaurus Published by The Macquarie Library (Hardback 1986) The Macquarie Thesaurus is a storehouse of the rich treasures of Australian English, produced from the highly-respected Macquarie dictionary.

Canberra Times
Clean, simple design makes the Canberra Times, a daily serving Australia's capital city, a joy to read online.

The Mercury
A daily tabloid format paper for Hobart, capital of Tasmania. The Mercury is part of News Limited, a chain that owns a number of big Australian papers, including the national daily, The Australian. Drawing from the editorial material from all of the company's newspapers, the Australian News Network provides a consolidated source for information.

Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney probably is best known for its odd-shaped bayfront opera house, but there's a lot more to the city, as reading the Sydney Morning Herald will show.

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