Study & Learn Portuguese - Course & Classes in Brazil, Salvador, Bahia
I offer classes for individuals and small groups of up to three persons, for any level of Brazilian Portuguese. Because each student has a different way of learning, I adapt my teaching to the student´s needs. My classes an informal atmosphere in which I keep the student engaged at every moment, writing, speaking, and thinking Portuguese.

IDIOMA – Escola de Português
IDIOMA is a Portuguese language school for foreigners and Brazilian people in Salvador, at the lovely sea coast of Bahia.From the beginner and intermediate up to all advanced levels, you can get in touch with the Brazilian language, culture and day life by the first moment yet.We offer specials, like CELPE examination courses, literature or business courses or the combi-courses “Learn and Dive” / “Learn and Cook”.

Language courses in Brazillian
Available courses and workshops in Brazillian

Learn Portuguese / Curso de Português
The Basics of Learning Portuguese

The method used in this course is the result of an extensive experience in teaching Portuguese to foreigners. The method takes specific care of generally encountered difficulties with persons with different native languages and aims for a strong fixation of routines of the most common day-by-day terms of verbal communication.

Learning Portuguese as a foreign language
As a Brazilian native speaker and teacher, I focus on Brazilian Portuguese. However, this site can also be useful for those who are learning European Portuguese.

Learn to Speak Brazilian Portuguese

Accredited and affordable Portuguese language schools in Brazil. Choose from our 2 locations. Communicative language courses year round beginning every Monday. Cultural activities included.

Diálogo Portuguese Courses

Dialogo Institute offers Brazilian Portuguese courses in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. If you are planning to spend your holidays anywhere in Brazil.

Brazilian Language and Culture Program

Portuguese as a Second Language Program focused on natural language acquisition. Besides grammar and phonology, includes capoeira and samba lessons,... - Brazilian Portuguese

Pimsleur foreign language tapes are offered for 26 different languages along with other foreign language learning aids

Bookmarks for Niedja Fedrigo

Following is a modest sample of what the Luso-Afro-Brazilian culture has to offer. Its purpose is and it doesn't constitute an endorsement or approval by the site editor of any of the opinions expressed. A few ...

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