FROM WIKIPEDIA Cantonese (lit. "Yụet (Guangdong) language") is one of the major dialect groups or languages of the Chinese language or language family. It is mainly spoken in the south-eastern part of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, by the Chinese minorities in Southeast Asia and by many overseas Chinese of Cantonese origin worldwide. Its name is derived from Canton, the former French romanisation used as the colonial English name for Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province. It is a tonal language.

A Chinese-Cantonese Syllabary     (AltaVista, InfoSeek)

A Chinese Syllabary Pronounced according to the Dialect of Canton

CHUO - 89.1 FM Cantonese Radio Station     (Yahoo)

Campus/community station that is the home of a weekly hour-long show for Chinese people and students in the Ottawa/Carleton/Hull region.

Chin Liang's Desk - Chinese / Cantonese songs in midi     (AltaVista)

Chinese / Cantonese Songs Collection. IMPORTANT !! READ BEFORE PROCEED. Internet Explorer users: You'll experience various problems when viewing this page. 

 Gospel Tape Ministry     (Yahoo)

Free rental of Chinese Christian tapes in Cantonese and Mandarin of conferences and retreats held in HK, US, Canada, Taiwan, etc.

About the Cantonese Tape Set     (InfoSeek, Snap)

About the Cantonese Tape Set (for use with The Interpreter's Edge, Generic Edition) The Cantonese tape set consists of the book Using the Cantonese Tape Set and a set of three one-hour audio cassettes. These materials are for use with The Interpreter's Edge, Generic Edition. If you have not already read the product ...

Cantonese Classes     (Excite)

Classes - Beginner's Cantonese I (once-a-week, 15 weeks, 90 minute sessions) A from-scratch introduction to the sounds, tones and structures of conversational Cantonese with lots of practical dialogue for in-class practice.

The Hong Kong Language Learning Centre

The Hong Kong Language Learning Centre is a leading Chinese - Cantonese and Mandarin - learning school in Hong Kong. HKLLC provides Cantonese & Mandarin courses for conversation and Reading & Writing. It offers regular courses as well as tailor made private tuition.

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