FROM WIKIPEDIA Cherokee is an Iroquoian language spoken by the Cherokee people. It is the only Southern Iroquoian language that remains spoken. Cherokee, (or Tsalagi, its name in its own language) like most Native American languages, is polysynthetic. As in the case of German or Latin, units of meaning, called morphemes, are linked together and occasionally form very long words. Cherokee verbs, constituting the most important word type, must contain as a minimum a pronominal prefix, a verb root, an aspect suffix, and a modal suffix.

Welcome to Cherokee Villager Online     (AltaVista)

Carol Thompson of Cherokee Village reaches for a piece of door frame embedded in the wall of her home's entry after...

Twin Territories     (Magellan, Excite)

Twin Territories Publishing Company Established 1990 It's not just a thing of the past! Twin Territories, is Oklahoma's only historical newspaper.

Trail of Tears-North Georgia History-     (InfoSeek)

In 1838 the Cherokee were stripped of their rights and forced to move against their will on 'The Trail of Tears' by the governments of Georgia and United States.

The Official Homepage of the Cherokee Indian Reservation.      (AltaVista, Magellan, WebCrawler, Excite)

The official homepage of the Cherokee Nation Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Western North Carolina.

Cherokee Images -- Tribal Art by Ken Masters     (GoTo)

A strange New Life burned on an island in the middle of the Tennessee River. Old Woman Spider sat at the water's edge and shaped a bowl out of mud to bring this New Life back to THE PEOPLE or Ani-Yvwiya. She placed the newly formed bowl on her back

Official Cherokee Nation     (Yahoo)

The federally recognized government of the Cherokee people, the second largest Indian tribe in the United States.

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