FROM WIKIPEDIA The Chinese language (Pinyin: Hànyǔ, Huáyǔ, or Zhōngwén) is a tonal language often regarded as a member of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. Although Chinese is often mistakenly thought to be a single language, its regional variation is comparable to that of the Romance languages; variants of Spoken Chinese are different enough to be mutally incomprehensible. Chinese can refer to Spoken Chinese or Written Chinese. For Spoken Chinese, there are somewhere between six and twelve main regional groups (depending on classification scheme), including Mandarin, Cantonese, Fujounese and Hakka.

Live the Language (LTL) Mandarin School
Live the Language (LTL) Mandarin School is a one-stop shop for students who wish to learn about China at a cultural level while improving their language skills. Comprehensive study abroad options allow students to mix and match the perfect opportunity for them, involving varying teaching styles and concentrations. Students can choose between three locations, with classes available in Beijing and Shanghai. Options include 1-on-1 or group classes to maximize each student's desired exposure to the language and preference of teaching style. Internship and volunteer options are also available. Accommodation is encouraged with carefully selected Chinese host families to maximize each participant's personal exposure to the language and culture. For the most dedicated students we offer full language immersion in Chengde, 2 hours north of Beijing. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

FREE Chinese Learning Magazine
The most efficient and flexible approach to improving Chinese proficiency for Interests, culture, career and personal growth.

Free Mandarin Chinese audio course
The audio lessons are in MP3 format and can be listened to on iPod or any other compatible MP3 player anytime or at any place at the learner's own pace. This course aims beginners, but intermediate or advanced learners can also find it useful.

Chinese new year cards
An exclusively dedicated website for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.
Chinese Practice
Free flashcards / reader / dictionary to help you learn Chinese. Offers text-to-speech synthesis and/or recorded voice, multimedia features, merging and editing lessons, skinning support, vocabulary organizing, unique Brain Flash feature, talking Chinese-English-pinyin dictionary and Chinese text reader. Free lessons for download at the product site.

Learn Chinese Material
Learn Chinese characters by understanding their origins and interconnections, Everything you wanted to know about learning the Chinese langauge, Min Multimedia teach how to write and speak Chinese. It utilizes pictures and audio to
make your chinese learning experience an easy task.

Chinese names
Free English name to Chinese translation. Learn to write your name in Chinese.

Learn Chinese
Instant Speak Chinese is a revolutionary and award winning new system for learning Chinese designed by language experts. We guarantee you will speak fluent Chinese after using our proven method or we will give you your money back.

Study Mandarin Chinese in China
We offer affordable study abroad programs where you can study Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, china through top Chinese universities that are internationally recognized. 

Learn Chinese Language
We offer high quality, flexible, affordable and interesting Chinese language, cultural and business trainings in Beijing. Learn Chinese language in Beijing and do business in china.

Chinese Computing and Chinese Stenography
This private webproject gives specialized informations in chinese computing and stenography; mainly in German with abstracts in English.

Essential Chinese Language centre
Essential Chinese Language Centre is a leading Chinese - Cantonese and Mandarin - learning school in Hong Kong. ECLC provides Cantonese & Mandarin courses for conversation and Reading & Writing. It offers regular courses as well as tailor made private tuition.

Learning Chinese Online
Any one can learn Chinese writing, speaking, listening from us online. Also we help with culture briefing and any topic related to Chinese language and culture.

Learn Chinese Online
Learn Chinese with free online lessons.
Chinese-English dictionary
An easy-to-use dictionary with over 34,000 entries. It can be searched by Chinese, pinyin, or English. Audio pronunciation is available.

Learn Chinese
Free Mandarin Chinese lessons. Each of the 15 units contain easy to understand dialogues, usage notes and a practice page.

Learn Basic Chinese
With our program you can learn basic Chinese in an easy, effective and fast way without feeling any difficulties.

Learn Chinese in China
We have developed a joint program for people wishing to study in China. Many people wishing to learn Chinese in China have displayed interest in attending Universities in China.

Chinese Mall

Chinese related products & services; China travel, books, arts, Asia oriental CD music, gifts, herbs, translation, business Yellow Pages.

France-Chine Online

Site bilingue francais-chinois pour import-export ou investissement direct entre la France et la Chine, ou les entreprises francaises sont presentees en chinois (mandarin) et les entreprises chinoises sont presentees en francais. Information sur les affaires, business, finance, commerce, ventes, marche, culture, tourisme, economie etc.

Diritti - Italiano, Arabo, Cinese, Danese, Olandese, Inglese, 
Finlandese, Francese, Tedesco, Japonais, Norvegese,

BOES.ORG Diritti dei bambini multilingue / diritti dell'uomo - Arabo, Cinese, Danese, Olandese, Inglese, Finlandese, Francese, Tedesco, Italiano, Japonais, Norvegese, Russo, Spagnolo, Svedese, Bras-Portoghese, Portoghese, Turco

La mission de ce site consiste à faciliter l'apprentissage du chinois en français. Je ne suis pas un expert en enseignement des langues secondes, mais bien un amateur sans prétention qui a choisi d'apprendre le chinois.

Learning Chinese Online Page (UC Davis)

Learning Chinese Online This page helps you to learn Chinese. No matter where you are, we are with you... 

Apprenons le chinois -Preface

Apprenons le chinois! Leçon spécial pour la fête des bateaux-dragons (ou la fête des poètes ) L'histoire de la Fête des bateaux-dragons : en englais. en...


Escriba el Idioma Chino, aprenda caligrafía 

Chinese characters

Online Chinese-English dictionary with etymologies of Chinese characters.

TidBITS Chinese Translated Issues

TidBITS - is a free, weekly, electronic publication that reports on the latestnews, views, and reviews relating to the personal computer industry, alwayswith an emphasis on the Macintosh and on the Internet. You can find out moreabout us on our ..  (in hiatus, at the moment)

China News Digest

Daily news updates in English from China and global news relating to China. Chinese version also available.

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Explore information about Chinese culture, philosophy, history, traditions, and interesting places or buildings. From The Mining Company.

Chinese Classical Literature

Chinese classics online with every character linked to English definition and etymology.

Traditional Chinese Operas

Outlines the most important schools of traditional Chinese operas.

Chinese Dynasties

Timetable of Chinese dynasties written in Chinese characters; fast dictionary look-up provided on-site.

China the Beautiful -(No Chinese software required)

Table of Contents - China the Beautiful - Arts, Literature, Painting calligraphy, novel, philosophy, classics

Chinese Cuisine

Whether you're a cook or simply an aficionado of Chinese cuisine, you'll find the best tips, recipes, and restaurants here. From The Mining Co.

Southwest Chinese Baptist Church (SWCBC), Houston, Texas, USA

Information about SWCBC, excellent links to other Christian resources and information about Houston Chinese Christian churches and organizations plus their events

Learn Chinese characters by understanding their origins and interconnections. Everything you wanted to know about learning the Chinese language, Min Multimedia teaches how to write and speak Chinese. It utilizes pictures and audio to make your Chinese learning experience an easy task.

NJSTAR Chinese Word Processor

NJStar Chinese Word Processor 3.x for MSDOS. How to Download? Version 4.2 for Windows 95. NJStar Chinese Big5 Version 3.1 for DOS (Oct. 1995) can be... 

Chinese Language Children's Books, Tapes, and CD's for Chine...

Chinese Children Books to help parents teach their children Chinese Culture and Language. Being Bilingual in Chinese and English is a great gift to give your Children

Chinese Software - Enable your computer to understand Chines...

Shop online for most popular Chinese software: Microsoft Chinese Window 98, Chinese partner with English windows applications, desk top publishing, office, OCR, universal translator. All you need is at one stop!

A-BIT-Z Sprachensoftware, multilingual computing services, l...

A-BIT-Z Sprachenprogramme: Lernen, Übersetzen, internationale Fonts, multilingual computing services, localized Microsoft Windows products, Softwares for OCR, translation, dictionaries and learning.

Logiciels Chinois - Chinese Software

Veuillez cliquer sur les noms des produits pour une explication détaillée. Please click on the product names to get a detailed explanation. Windows 3.1/95, CD-Rom ou disquettes, anglais et chinois, logiciel sysème, 1929,60 FF TTC (1600 FF HT)

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, translation, typesetting, D...

Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai translation, typesetting and software localization


Sprachen und Übersetzungshilfen


Traduttori interpreti madrelingua specializzati simultanea chouchotage lingue latine orientali slave inglese tedesco francese spagnolo cinese russo bulgaro portoghese croato arabo.

Atlanta Chinese School     (Yahoo)

For kids from 4 to 18 who want to learn Chinese.



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