Compound Word Games!
Compound words are fun. Why not make teaching them fun too? You can keep the learning fun with these compound word games.

Contraction Games!
Contractions can be tough to remember when you're first learning how to use them. Make it easier with fun learning games!

Homophone Games!
Sound alike words trick all of us once in a while. These homophones games will help you make sure you're tricked by words as little as possible!

Analogy Games!
Understanding analogies and analogy types is very important tool in teaching critical thinking skills. Why not have fun doing it!?

Syllable games!
learn about syllables and how to break words up into syllables in this fun online learning game.

Lingualink Language Services

We aim to present a language service which is flexible, mobile and person-centred. Our courses are customised to offer language services for business, education and pleasure. We tailor-make our language programmes to meet the particular time requirements, learning needs and budgets of our clients.

ESL Pro Systems
ESL Pro Systems is a leading educational software developer and distributor, providing students and educational institutions access to high quality software specifically developed for learning the English language.

English Language Programs

The Ohio University Department of Linguistics offers many English language programs and services for English Language students and teachers, for international community members, for Ohio University departments, schools, and colleges, and for organizations in need of language and culture training.

 English language web site
UsingEnglish.com provides a fresh aproach to learning the English language.It is edited by teachers, and created for ESL and EFL students. We cover many issues which you will come across in learning the English language itself, and also practicalities such as exams and qualifications.

Cleverlearn: Your Personal English Teacher
Cleverlearn is your personalized E-learning experience. We combine modern educational methods with cutting-edge technology to make understanding and learning English easy, fun, and efficient.

1-language.com - The ESL Site for everyone learning English!
Free, comprehensive ESL Site including forums, realtime chat, grammar, writing, interactive quizzes and games, flashcards,audio materials, helplines, multi-lingual content - and much more!

Expertrating online skills certifications
We offer dozens of FREE and paid online skills certifications in several skill areas. Our certifications can be taken online, and the exam taker has the option of getting a ountable hardcopy certificate from Expertrating as proof of his/her abilities. Our FREE English certifications are very popular around the world.

Study Free Lessons with Rose of York English Language School 
Learn English Grammar Online: Free Lessons from Rose of York! Improve your grammar and correct your mistakes: 100% free classes. Choose a lesson and click on the link to study English for free!

Agape English Language School
Agape English Language Institute offers high-quality intensive English instruction at an affordable cost. Our hospitality begins right at the airport when you arrive and continues throughout your stay at Agape. We provide airport pickup, housing arrangements, hospitality, recreational tours, personal counseling, academic advice, help with college and university admissions, social and emotional support, and much more

Everyday English
Everyday English offers audio-enabled lessonettes.These lessonettes focus on all the many little tricky irregularities in the English language.

Elanguest Sprachreisen Malta

Learning to speak English at our language school in Malta is simple. Handle English grammar with ease! While speaking, writing and enjoying the language you’ll find our courses friendly and fun.

English classics with audio clips for all ages
RepeatAfterUs.com provides free online classics with audio clips. It covers everything from English and American poems, soliloquies, historical speeches, memorable quotes, and nursery rhymes, to children's stories from around the world. It is a non-profit site created by an 11th Grade student (Ellie Wen of Harvard-Westlake School), and all the recordings are done by volunteers - her friends, her teachers, and the little children that she tutors at a community center on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

Let's talk

In order to combine the pleasures of travelling and communicating ...

Learn English
Learn English is a free English language resource for learners and teachers. It contains grammar, vocabulary, games, forum and chat room.

Improve English -daily
ESL resources for English learners.

Vocaboly - Vocabulary Builder

Build vocabulary with flash cards, dynamic test and games, for SAT, TOEFL, GMT, GRE and general vocabulary.

Learn to Read with Fun Family Phonics
Learn to Read with Fun Family Phonics Description:Make Learning to Read a Fun, Creative Adventure with our Proven Method ... It's Fun, Easy and it Works.

Resources for learning the English language for ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP students and teachers. This site includes: quizzes, idiom and phrasal verb dictionaries, a grammar glossary, forums, free language software, and articles.

Learn English Online
A revolutionary online English learning system developed by renowned Linguist Steve Kaufmann, who has learned to speak 9 languages fluently.

Good Hope Studies

Good Hope Studies offers English language courses such as general English courses (Standard and Intensive course), business courses, exam preparation courses (Cambridge,IELTS, TOEFL, BEC), University preparation courses and one-to-one tuition. We offer reduced prices for afternoon classes (Vacation course) and long-term programmes (Study Year).

UK School of English
Located in South London, offers English language courses for all levels. Cambridge Certificate Examinations.Help with visa, accommodation. Website includes course, enrolment, fees and special offer details.

Breaking News English.com
Ready-to-use ESL/EFL current affairs lessons. Free. Daily. These multi-level lessons contain 2 still-hot news articles, audio files,
communication activities, pair work, discussion, reading and vocabulary. Printable classroom worksheets and lesson plans are
downloadable in MS Word and PDF formats.

Funny Lessons (Learn English through Jokes)
It's a great place for Spanish-speaking students who are learning English (EFL/ESL). Here the students can improve their English by reading jokes and humorous stories. All jokes have their vocabulary and verbs with translations to other languages (currently only in spanish).The challenge is double. Students have to understand the reading and the sense of the joke!!

Vancouver Medical English Institute
The site describes our Institute, which offers immersion courses in English as a Second Language designed for Medical Professionals. The courses concentrate on the use of English in a medical context. They teach both the language and culturally appropriate communication skills for practicing medical careers in an English speaking environment.

English Maze
A unique website for students, teachers and schools learning English. The English Maze contains hundreds of dynamic Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing & Grammar activities. Plus Chat, E-pals, Discussion boards, lesson plans + many other free resources.

ezgiCom English lessons!
Teaching english to turkish speaking people. especially vocabulary section and pronunciation section is very nice. It uses microsoft TTS engine to vocalize vocabulary.

Learn to Speak English Fluently
Learn to Speak English Fluently and Improve Your Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar.
English Forums

Learn and explore the English language with topics such as poetry, stories,medical and business English, letter writing, grammar, vocabulary, essay composition and general chit chat. Learn English with online help from volunteer teachers all over the world.

English language schools
English language schools database. Learn English at an English language school.

The English Language site
Resources for people interested in understanding the English language better, teaching or working abroad.

European Language Centres

European Language Centres offers an International certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TEFL/TESOL), locations: Florence, Prague, Barcelona, Seville, London and Madrid.

Learn English online
Take English lessons by Skype or learn English by telephone with a native-English teacher from the USA, England or Australia. Choose from several courses.

English Language Forum
English grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, slang, jokes, etc.Ask, answer and discuss words, idioms, phrases and other language issues!

ESL PodCards
Podcards are original, specially created audio files for learners of English.

English Language Centre

Our courses are aimed at adults (18 years or over) and they provide students with an opportunity to improve their English in the attractive rural environment of the West of Ireland. Galway City, which boasts a population of 70,000, is known as the Cultural Capital of Ireland. In addition to its traditional pubs, quaint restaurants and wonderful theatres, it is home to numerous festivals during the summer including the internationally renowned Galway Arts Festival.

Free English grammar, vocabulary, cloze, reading comprehension and practice tests for TOEFL, GMAT and ESL learners.

English School in New York
PC TECH English School offers a variety of options for international students.Students from overseas can enrol in full-time ESL classes.

GymGlish - Personalized online English lessons
A daily English 'workout'. GymGlish is an innovative training program which employs an artificial intelligence engine to deliver daily, personalized and humorous lessons by e-mail designed to improve and maintain the user's knowledge and command of English. GymGlish is adapted to the professional and personal needs of individuals, teachers, businesses and universities with several distinct offers.

English Learning

TalktoCanada.com helps you to Learn English online and experience what many other students have come to discover. It's like nothing else you have ever tried, offering live online English conversation in real time with a fully qualified tutor. Book your lesson today!!

Talk-and-Learn Community
We invite you to link to our community and enable your visitors to make friends and improve their English!

Grammar Software
Software for English writers, which checks for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Short courses for youth and adults
STUDY ENGLISH IN THE UK from £ 195.00 GBP per week ( from September to May ) that includes 15 hours tuition and accommodation. Summer courses available from £ 275.00 per week full package including trips/activities/buspass.

English language courses
TJ Taylor Ltd helps companies analyse the English language skills their staff require, investigate the best methods to provide training and communication support, and enable them to achieve their objectives through tailored and effective English training.

Language taught: English (We teach English to Italians)
English for Italy - offriamo corsi di inglese online di qualita Cambridge T.E.F.L. e siamo specializzati  in corsi di inglese  per Italiani. Tutti i corsi comprendono lezioni di conversazione con un insegnante madre lingua.

Learn English online saves lot of time and money
Learn English Online teaches Executive English with essay and effective way.

Professional Translation Services
Applied Language SolutionsOur team of experts provide high quality language services to multiple industries in more than 150 languages.

English Schools in English Spoken Countries
Here are the English links. Very useful ones.

Learn English with Jokes and Riddles

There are over 300 jokes and riddles in the database. All jokes and riddles are suitable for all ages. Reading English jokes and riddles in class is a fun way to teach culture, grammar and vocabulary.

Verbbusters offers an interactive exercise for the practice of the irregular verbs with cues in English, Italian or other European languages. It aims to be fun and friendly and has dynamic ranking and quick search functions as well as bilingual verb lists and audio. It's free and no registration is required. 4.3.10

American Accent Training
This site offers an extensive overview of American pronunciation and offers a six month training course, books and other materials as well as a teacher training courses.

English activities at Syvum
A large number of word games and activities

Learn English, German, French, Italian and Spanish for FREE using our online Language Lab

Learn English - Have Fun !!

A fun free site full of crosswords, word searches, games, jokes and tests for learners of English. Regularly updated.


Learn English for free!  We have grammar, vocabulary and speaking pages, shockwave games and free newsletter and an English FAQ.


Materials for Learning & Teaching English

English for free

Welcome to freeENGLISH, a revolutionary new concept in education. Why go anywhere else when you can learn with freeENGLISH, the best online ESL resource available today? And it's all FREE! Here you can also download ENGLISH PRO Web Edition, the best English language-training program on the Internet. ENGLISH PRO Web Edition will help you improve your pronunciation, your spelling skills, vocabulary, and general knowledge of English. And best of all, the ENGLISH PRO Web Edition program is completely FREE!


The englishtown.com guide to internet courses is sponsored by EF Education, the world's largest language school. Find an Internet language course for you! Study general, business, or even industry-specific English from your home or office. Work with fellow students and qualified teachers. EF EnglishLive has courses for students of all levels.

Everyday English Email

Repetition is the key. Keep up your English every day with Everyday English Email. Every day when you open your email, see and listen to a lesson then review the last five days with the help of a quiz.


Grammar, Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening, Full Curricula, Holidays, CALL, Graphing/Charts, TESOL Papers, Testing, Graphic Organizers

TheTower of English!

WELCOME to theTower of English! The Tower is a fun place for ESL students to use and practice English. You'll find lots of interesting activities and projects here. Just jump into the elevator to get around The Tower. All links to other sites will open a new window.


Welcome to Global English. Everything you need to improve your English is right here. Practice your English now. Click here to take a free minicourse. Listen! Speak! See how quickly your English improves! Play a game. Sing along with Karaoke. Enjoy yourself and learn English at the same time! Chat with other English laerners and teachers online - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure all your English documents are perfect with the help of Your Personal Editor.

NetLearn Languages
NetLearn Languages is a completely Internet-based language school. With us, you can study English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and other languages live from your home or office using text-chat, audio and video. We offer General Language courses, Business Language course,   Preparation courses for the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge Exams as well as more specialised types of language.


PEAK is a comprehensive, online English language program that is available to you all day every day. It contains hundreds of lessons, is fully interactive, and has all the necessary resources to help you master real-world English in a fast and exciting manner. A PEAK lesson consists of a new topic (for example, family, relationships, travel, work, art, and music) and related vocabulary words which are then used in picture, listening, grammar, and reading exercises. There are also specific listening exercises so you can practice hearing the English language and improve your comprehension.

English for obtaining the US-Citizenship

Welcome to the best place online to prepare for the US Citizenship test. The basic online course is free to people in Minnesota. There is a $20 registration fee for people who don't live in Minnesota. When you register, we can help you show the INS that you know the U.S. system of government and basic American history, are able to speak and write English and are eligible for citizenship based on your answers on the N-400 Form and you know what those answers mean. You can learn all this here.

Hummingbird American Pronunciation

Commericial pronunciation package by Hummingbird teaches American English pronunciation using mouth position icons, captions, and musical accompaniment. Examples included from the package.

International Phonetic Association

The association responsible for the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) which is the standard alphabet for help with English and other language pronunciation. Information concerning the association.

On-line Phonology Course

Stirling University's on-line phonology course. Designed as a self-access course for all those interested in learning the script and identifying the sounds of the phonology of R.P.(Received Pronunciation, or British Standard).

Phonetics: Introduction
An introduction and reference guide to the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). By your About.com ESL guide.

Pronunciation Help (?)

"Once you've learned to correctly pronounce every word in the following poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world..."

Royale Software

Pronunciation software based on your native language. Simply choose your native language from the "Lessons For" list and Clear Speech Works will tell you which of the 24 lessons are important for you.

Barbarian's Online Test Page

While not strictly an ESL/EFL quiz site, this page of tests (ranging from the TOEFL and other college admission tests to IQ tests) is a wonderful place to practice your English and have some fun.

Better English Business Exercises

An excellent business English real time quiz resource employing javascript technology. Currently there are 66 exercises including vocabulary, grammar and more.

Chris Yukna's Resource and Lesson Page

This private collection of resource pages offer a wealth of quizzes and teaching resources. One highlight is a section on using theatre to teach English. Future projects include scripting pages.

English Learner Com

Great collection of quizzes and crossword puzzles. Also includes possibilities for communication between students.

Free English Quizzes and Games

Fun and interactive quizzes and games provided by freeENGLISH.com. They
teach English and they are free!

Idiom Quizzes

A wonderful and exahustive list of idiom quizzes in alphabetical order from The Internet TESL Journal by Letitia Bradley


An online magazine called Postscript which we make available to our students and to anyone else interested.

TOEFL Practice Questions

An excellent resource for practicing the TOEFL test. For more information on taking the TOEFL examination make sure to investigate TOEFL Online

Vocabulary Quiz Section

Vocabulary quizzes in contextual situations. Provided by your About.com ESL guide.

Word Games and Online Poetry Collaboration
About.com's Guides Bob Holman & Margery Snyder directory of word games and online poetry collaborations (which can be quite amusing at times!)

A.Word.A.Day Home Page

Increase your vocabulary by visiting this site daily. Each day a word is introduced and the definition is given. Usage and a pronunciation sound example included.

English International Lyon -Business English grammar and vocabulary exercises / anglais des affaires

Anglais des affaires à Lyon et à L'Isle d'Abeau

American Slanguages

You've just arrived and you can't understand the local slang. Don't despair, go to slanguages and get help with the local dialect!

English Practice

Site Map: English Lessons Current Lessons, Make Friends,  Chat,  Pen Pal,  Messages(New),  Messages(Old), Fun & Games, Hangman,  Spelling,  Sentence, Karaoke,  Word Types, Grammar, Irregular Verbs,  Phrasal Verbs,  Word Types, Vocabulary....

Language Tests German English Dutch Spanish French Italian I...


Exercises exercise vocabulary. Wortschatz language. exercises tests aids English Indonesian German Spanish French Italian Dutch. Lingua esercizios inglese tedesco spagnolo francese olandese italiano. Übungen Tests Sprache Englisch Französisch. Spanisch Italienisch Niederländisch Deutsch. idioma lengua ejercicios inglés. alemán francés italiano. holandés espagñol anglais allemand. espagnol..

Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar

Mailing list archives for the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar.

Common Errors in English

Paul Brians' amusing look at a truly outstanding collection of the most common mistakes made in English.

Grammar and Style Notes  

An advanced learners grammar guide. This resource is meant for university level students.

On-line English Grammar

This grammar has been put on-line by Anthony Hughes and is available free of charge for anyone to use. However, copyright applies to the grammar and a copyright notice can be found below. The author would appreciate it if users would respect the copyright and contact him should any they want to use the grammar in any way that may infringe on the copyright.

Modern English Grammar

The Syllabus for Modern English Grammar: English 2126 — A survey of English syntax and its associated usage issues. Tour the HyperTextBook: A quick overview of the features of the HyperTextBook. A Bibliography for English 126: A selected bibliography of the College's holdings in linguistics and English language studies at the College of DuPage Library. WebBoard: How we plan to use WebBoard.

Grammar Help Page  

Ruth and her students have provided this guide to the basics of grammar including an extensive link selection.

Grammar NOW!

A free site dedicated to answering any grammar, composition, research or formatting question you might have. Personal answers by e-mail. The site offers a search engine for grammar terms, links to a variety of useful composition resources, and an editing service

ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form
New!! The ARTFL Project and MICRA, Inc. are developing Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (G &&C. Merriam Co., 1913, edited by Noah Porter). Look up SINGLE words in a simple French English Dictionary containing about 75,000 terms

English-German Idioms

A great find for German Speakers. English idioms with their equivalant in German, includes software to help you learn! By Robert Rayle

Focusing on Words

This advanced English-vocabulary language site by John G. Robertson, is a guide to the fascinating histories of English vocabulary. Includes a series of word activities based mostly on Latin and Greek elements.

Geology Glossary

About.com's Guide Andrew Alden provides an expert Geology Glossary.

Idioms: Introduction

Dave Sperling's idiom page. Work on idiomatic vocabulary from all over the world.

Schumann's foreign language tests

Vocabulary tests from a number of languges into English (test section). 10 online tests with the possibility to download 100 more! Many other languages also offered.

University of Tampere

A site well worth visiting to improve your idiomatic vocabulary written by the Department of Translation Studies.

Vocabulary University

An excellent idea intended for school children but perfect for ESL learners. Go through different levels of vocabulary learning and get a diploma! Registration is required for this free service.

What is?

The reference site for help with new technological vocabulary!

The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus

The ONLY Integrated English Dictionary and Thesaurus in electronic form!


ENGLISH LANGUAGE DICTIONARIES Pressing any title will present more information about it. PICT. TITLE # of Entries Format width x height (cm) x (cm) PRICE (SPAIN) 4%VAT incl. (Pesetas) Code Advanced English Dictionary Vox-Longman English-Spanish

Programma dizionario

A division of NBC UNIV

Daily Telegraph

A nicely done and rich site, called Electronic Telegraph, by one of London's top papers. Requires registration for full access.

Evening Post

The British seaport of Bristol is home of the Evening Post. Among features is Terry Britton's Diary about growing up in Bristol.

The Express

Long-standing London daily is finally online, but for now you only get the paper's columnists. More is said to follow.

Guardian Unlimited

The London-based Guardian is one of the United Kingdom's most-respected newspapers. The Web presence is actually a collection of thematic sites, such as News, Football, and Film. Requires registration for full access.

The Independent

The Independent: Lively and popular daily London newspaper. The newly revised website is a must for internet lovers. It's packed with more news, reviews and interviews and models a stylish web design.

Jewish Chronicle

A London-based publication serving the city's Jewish population. You will need to register to gain access to the site.

The Mirror

If British celebrity gossip and sports are of interest, you'll get plenty of it at the Online Mirror, a site by one of London's leading tabloids.

The Star

One of London's screaming tabloids, screams even louder (and redder) on the Web in its Mega Star site. Focused on entertainment news.

The Times
Respected conservative daily in London. This is the paper for which one of our favorite typefaces, "Times Roman," was designed. Requires registration for full access.

Belfast Telegraph

One of Northern Ireland's best on-line newspapers. You'll need to register to view anything beyond the home page, but the site is free.

The Irish News

A nicely done paper in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that often offers an objective and critical look at events.

The Scotsman

Longtime Edinburgh-based daily paper. Some interesting features can be found in the magazine section.

North Wales Newspapers

Front door for publishing company that produces 11 newspapers serving North Wales, Mid Wales, Chester, and the Border Counties.

Gibraltar Chronicle

A daily English-language paper serving The Rock.

The Irish Times

Ireland's best-known newspaper is based in Dublin. Readers can get a daily dose of Irish and world news, plus search the archives for old reports.

Montreal Gazette 

An English-language daily, part of the Southam chain. Has a nice travel section.

Ottawa Citizen

Rather than a page full of teasers to news stories inside, the Ottawa Citizen presents a straightforward index of its content. It's not pretty, but it works.

The National Post Online

The online home of Canada's newest national newspaper, National Post. National, world, business, arts, life, sports news and commentary plus Diversions and forums

Toronto Globe and Mail

One of Canada's leading newspapers, the Globe and Mail presents a comprehensive site that will keep the reader abreast of national events as well as news around the Toronto area.

Toronto Sun

The Sun is a proud tabloid that bills itself "Toronto's other voice." Check out features like Max Haines' Crime Flashback or read about the Sun's 25th anniversary.

Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg, the heart of Manitoba, is served by the daily Free Press. The paper's Web site, unfortunately, does not do justice to the printed version.

Trinidad Express

Daily newspaper in English. For stories on the hip and the offbeat in Trinidad, see the Vox section.

Press On-Line

The Press On-Line is the daily Web site of this New Zealand daily paper. You'll find news, features, sports, business reports, opinion, as well as the current weather in New Zealand.

Otago Daily Times

The Otago Daily Times in Dunedin is experimenting with an online version that's pretty much a mirror of its print edition. It's a good, efficient site, well worth a visit to learn more about Otago province on the South Island of New Zealand.

Wairarapa Times-Age
The nicest NZ paper online has to be this 8,620-circulation daily in Masterton. Good coverage of local and national news, plus sports.


Front door for Die Burger, Beeld, Die Volksblad and other Afrikaans and English newspapers published by Nasionale Pers, Naspers for short, one of the big South African media companies.

Cape Business News

Covering business and industry news in the southern tip of South Africa since 1980, the Cape Business News is a monthly newspaper. Besides the current month's news, the Web site also offers background information on the business environment in the Cape.


A weekly published since 1928, The DistrictMail has enhanced its print product with a Web site that's dubbed the Helderberg.com. Helderberg is a region east of Cape Town. The publisher, Somerset Press, also produces HelderMail.

Independent Online

Gateway for a number of Independent Group publications, including the Cape Argus and the The Star.

Arts & Entertainment

Cable channel that imports and co-produces many British programs.

BBC America

BBCAmerica.com is the virtual gateway to all things British. The website features the best in British culture plus all the latest news and schedules for BBC America, the BBC's 24-hour U.S. cable channel.


Art cable channel showing many uncut British shows and movies, includes online features on the art media scene.

PBS Online

Official website of Public Television. Features on shows, and links to local stations.


Official site for this satellite-only arts channel with TV from around the world including England.

Anglia Television

The ITV company serving the East of England.


The British Broadcasting Corporation's official website with full schedules, features on shows, news, and links.

Carlton Online

Official website for the London based ITV station. With news, schedules and program information.

Channel 4

The official website of Britain's commercial "art" channel which has presented many cutting-edge dramas, documentaries, and comedies.  Schedules, program descriptions, and features.

Granada Television

ITV company based in Manchester. Includes links to Coronation Street and other programs.

ITV Online

Official website for the entire ITV commercial network with features on current shows, sports, and children's TV.

English Literature: English Literature Page

"English Literature"includes works written in English taught in departments of English and American literature. Some authors are also cross-listed under separate national, regional, or ethnic categories (e.g., "Irish,""Australian,""Afro-American") on the Other Literatures Written in English and Minority Literatures pages.

English Literature

Get lost in English literature through the centuries, from illuminated manuscripts to hypertext, and hundreds of literary sites worldwide. From The Mining Company.

English Folk Music Page

Guide to Internet resources relating to English folk music.

Abbeys & Cathedrals in England and Wales

A fascinating introduction from Britannia.

Glastonbury Abbey

The centre of Britain's legendary universe.

Church of England

Official site, containing links to dioceses and information about the Archbishop of Canterbury.

England Before the Reformation

From the Catholic Encyclopedia.

England Since the Reformation

From the Catholic Encyclopedia.

The Methodist Church of Great Britain

How the Methodist Church came into being, a brief history of the Wesley brothers and plenty of other information.

Synod of Whitby

The Christianizing of Britain begun by St. Augustine in A.D. 597 was carried on with varying success throughout the seventh century. One great hindrance to progress lay in the fact that in Northumbria themissionary impulse was largely Scottish (i.e. Irish) in origin...

Youth With A Mission England

Features summer opportunities, missions training, hands on projects, and youthwork.

Victorian Web

The Victorian Web contains thousands of documents on Victorian literature, art, design, political and social history, gender matters, public health, science, and technology

Music and Verse in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Times

Making music was a popular pastime.

Music in Tudor England

A guide which looks at church music in the English Renaissance and provides images of the period's instruments.

Real English CD-ROMs, Videos, and Books

The Real English product is fascinating to the extent that even native speakers enjoy listening and watching...You just can't stop watching, even when people in the street are reciting the alphabet!... Real English has all the apparatus for grammar practice a teacher could possibly want...beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the best new products to come out on CD since all of National Geographic." -Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Ph.D., Computers for Education, from ESL Magazine December 1999

Color Phonics

Color Phonics® fills pronunciation and recognition learning gaps by testing and training your student in the 43 foundational phonemes. It includes special pronunciation and auditory discrimination help for natives of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hindi/Punjabi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Used and Out of Print Books on English

Powell's Books-I've been looking for this book for years!, is one of the most common comments we hear. We have books on thousands of topics, including English.

IPA Font

Free downloadable IPA font for creating pronunciation documents on your computer. Provided by the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Plurabelle Books


Camden Books



A wide ranging stock of antiquarian books, prints and maps. Specialising in Literature, first editions and bound library sets. Voyages and travel, atlases, colourplate and illustrated books. Children's books, fore edge paintings and fine and rare books in all fields. We also offer a full bookbinding service.


BIBLIOCITY - Rare & Collectible Books &c.from Leading International Antiquarian Booksellers




Antique Map & Atlas Specialist Dealers, founded by the late R.V.Tooley, author of many of the standard reference works on map collecting. We stock a large selection of original printed maps, 15th-19th Centuries. Based in Cecil Court, London's Antiquarian Book Centre, we are conveniently situated for any visitor to London. 

H.P. Bookfinders

A  service that specializes in the location and supply of out-of-print  and hard to find publications. The H.P. Bookfinders search service began operations in 1986.  We are now one of the leading booksearch companies in the United  Kingdom, supplying thousands of titles to individual customers and to  institutions world-wide.A professional search will be undertaken for any of your specific  needs, ranging from a single book title to collection-building requests  on any subject. We are happy to search for any English  language title, wherever published.



Hata Language Services

Full-service interpreting and translating for clients requiring English-Japanese and Japanese-English skills. Company Profile!--mstheme--> Our company is dedicated to providing uniformly excellent Japanese-English interpreting and translating...

IREACH FRANCE ! MONTREZ VOTRE SITE ! Translations into french...

Translation of web sites into french, traduction en anglais de sites web , web site submission, easy and cheap system. Système facile et bon marché. traduction humaine et non machine, human translations, no computer translations.

100 Sprachen. Professionelle Übersetzungen durch hochqualifizierte LENGUA-Übersetzer. ... www.lengua.com/translat.htm

100 Sprachen. Professionelle Übersetzungen durch hochqualifizierte LENGUA-Übersetzer. Sprachkurse im Ausland. Alle Sprachen, alle Fachgebiete. Übersetzungen von Webseiten, Softwarelokalisierung.

Abruzzo2000 Servizio Traduzioni Italiano-Inglese

Traduzioni da e in inglese/italiano in particolare di materiale turistico o pubblicitario e preparazione o editing di siti web in italiano e inglese con preventivi gratuiti entro 48 ore e contatti email o ftp

HighSide Marketing

Translation Übersetzung traduccion traduzione Deutsch Francais Italiano Englisch anglais inglese Translation English German French Italian Web design and development international marketing Translation Übersetzung traduccion traduzione Deutsch Francais Italiano Englisch anglais inglese Translation English German French Italian Englisch anglais inglese Web design and development...


Aston, works in communications and specialises in translating documents for industry and caters for businesses that require outside assistance that will put an end to their linguistic problems. It provides a high quality, competitively priced product.

OnLine English

A complete editing service for academic, research and other professional communities: academic editing across all disciplines, editing of other professional documents. Established as an Internet-based company in 1995, OnLine English continues to be at the forefront of service delivery, providing an editing service marked by its excellence.
As a client, you receive the full range of benefits of the OnLine English service and are assured of the quality of your English language documents.

Traduzioni mediche inglese italiano tedesco italiano - Prezzi

Traduzioni inglese italiano e tedesco italiano in medicina, tecnologia medica, farmacologia, software. Anche traduzioni francese italiano.

Prezzi per le Traduzioni - TecnoLingua

Prezzi per le Traduzioni

National Council of Teachers of English

The National Council of Teachers of English Homepage

ESL House

Student Center, Slang, Media, Search, Travel, Teachers' Lounge


Learn English online with an experienced teacher on the phone or by videoconference.

English Connection

Intensive English Language & Cultural Immersion Programs; English as a Second Language Instruction; Educational Excursions; TOEFL Preparation Super Courses; TOEIC Preparation Course; Executive Business English; English for Specific Purposes; Friends Conversation Programs; Travel Excursions; Holiday Homestays; English/Travel Programs; Cruise/English Travel Programs; EC On-Line Internet Program; Professional & Corporate Programs; and Instructional Seminars Abroad Programs 

Real English by The Marzio School

Mike Marzio - Real English by The Marzio School - in Provence since 1976
Language Education and Multimedia Production - 7, Rue des Baumes
13800 Istres, France - Tel: 33 4 42 55 01 25 / Fax: 33 4 42 55 10 83

Intensive English Language and Communication Training

Find out about : ProActive English ProActive English features intensive English programs which improve on traditional ESL, business English or executive English programs. Our language training emphasizes the role of culture in communication.

Best English

Offering English as a second language courses in Turkey.

English Language Center

Offers intensive English programs for international students and professionals with centers in L.A., Boston and Santa Barbara.

English Now, Inc.

Teaching conversational English to adults in small groups.

L'Eurolingua Institute - Séjours linguistiques à l'étranger

Un institut de langues étrangères qui propose des cours intensifs dans ses écoles à l'étranger avec hébergement en famille d'accueil. Stages d'anglais, français, allemand, russe, italien, espagnol, portugais et japonais, dans leurs pays d'origine

Bouchereau International Language Centre

Language courses, proficiency courses, immersion: English, French, Spanish. Cours de langues, perfectionnement, immersion d'anglais, de français, d'espagnol.

The International Association of Language Centres IALC

Over 60 language schools with an international reputation in 20 countries -learn English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese or French where it is spoken.

Benvingut al Dept. Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya de la Univ. de Valencia

UNIVERSITAT DE VALÈNCIA Departament de Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya. Desde este pequeño rincón queremos mostrar nuestra solidaridad con todas las víctimas del terrorismo. Índice. ...

English a la California

Unique immersion english course in professor's home. Only 6 participants, 2 weeks. Accommodation and instruction, $1500!

University of Ghent, Belgium

The University of Ghent: Some Facts and Figures [In English] [In Dutch] Faculties, Departments and Laboratories Research at the University of Ghent Study programmes at the University of Ghent [In English] [In Dutch] Departments of the Central...

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