Estonian phrases with sound records.
This page contains many Estonian phrases with sound records. There is also online learning system and possible print out phrases in
PDF format.

English-Estonian Dictionary

This is the English-Estonian-English dictionary with more than 17000 words. Please also read the background and copyright information about this dictionary . Word or beginning letters of the word you are looking for translation (no wildcard characters, please!)

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Offers current economic and business information about Estonia, mediation of cooperation offers, assistance in finding partners (in English and Estonian). 

Ethnologue: Estonia

Languages of Estonia. Part of _Ethnologue: Languages of the World_, 13th Edition; Barbara F. Grimes, Editor; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996.

Embassy of Estonia- United States, Canada, Mexico

Web site for the Estonian Embassy representing USA, Canada and Mexico

Estonia Country Guide

After the end of the program at 1997, it is more or less static here, no serious developments were made since January 1997. Estonia Country Guide was part of an initiative to identify, document and provide access to information on Estonia.

Estland im TravelShop

Die besten Reiseanbieter und Informationen über Estland finden Sie im TravelShop!! Besuchen Sie den globalen Touristik-Informationsdienst mit tausenden von Links rund ums Thema Reisen! 

Sünerkom - Synercom - ZZZ Estonian Media Server

International Internet connection provided by UniNet works on Tigma Saturn server Copyright © 1996 Sünerkom Ltd. Last update: 09-07-1996/ Webmaster Foorum - Non-Trivial Solutions Conference Photos from the fair KOMPUUTER'96 


Online store. Books, CD-s, LP's, videos, computer programs, board games, calendars, maps etc.

Micronet Ltd.

Distributing periodicals: wholesale within Estonia, import of foreign periodicals, distribution of local periodicals outside Estonia. 

Raamatukoi's bookstore

Online bookstore. Books available from most Estonian publishers.

Tartu University Bookshop

More than 20,000 titles on our shelves from every field of interest and life, from fiction and children's books to publications of rare small publishing houses, universities and academic institutions.

Estonian Encyclopaedia Publishers Ltd.

Introduction, books, the store, wholesale etc. 

Estonia Country Guide - Culture, Language

Overview of Estonian Language

A-BIT-Z Sprachensoftware, multilingual computing services, l...

A-BIT-Z Sprachenprogramme: Lernen, Übersetzen, internationale Fonts, multilingual computing services, localized Microsoft Windows products, Softwares for OCR, translation, dictionaries and learning.


Detailed course offerings are available for To see the detailed Instructor Class Description, click on the underlined instructor name following the course description. Fundamentals of oral and written Estonian. Fundamentals of oral and written Estonian. Fundamentals of oral and written Estonian. Readings in a selected ...

Profi-Übersetzungen in ALLE Sprachen, Übersetzer, Dolmetsche...

Übersetzungen, Dolmetscher, übersetzen, dolmetschen, Sprachen, translations, language, Sprachendienst, Bangard, Marburg, Internet, Homepage, Übersetzer, Übersetzung, Profi, Türkisch, Uebersetzung

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