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Netsanet Le-Ethiopia

The objectives for which the organization is formed are to: Promote the cause of peace, democracy and unity by emphasizing the deep-rooted historical, cultural and economic ties among Ethiopians. Inform Ethiopians the current political, economic, cultural events and developments of interest to Ethiopia. To raise the awareness of Ethiopians values, process and institutional mechanisms which democracy, human rights key concepts in Ethiopian society. Inform the international community of violation of human rights, expression of civil and political liberties and obstacles to the democratic aspiration of Ethiopians. Provide forums for discussions regarding the need for free election and democratic constitution in Ethiopia. Contribute for the development of free press.

Ethiopia Online

A year has passed since the last update of the informative pages here (late 1996) and the Ethiopia Online service has evolved dramatically in this time. Most notably Ethiopia Online now has its own domain name:- EthiopiaOnline.Net. And most tragically Ethiopia Online no longer exists within territorial Ethiopia! Apologies to those who were mislead by the outdated materials residing here for so long -we've been so busy adding new sites we couldn't update our own pages!. We would like now to discuss what Ethiopia Online offers and explain as well why change had to happen.

The Ethiopian Network

Ethiopia and Ethiopians on the Web

(Ethiopian) Writing System

What motivated to comment on this topic are the issue and debate surrounding our languages in the current set-up. It is not out of spontaneity but rather out of a changing political pressure that this issue has surfaced. Therefore, to properly understand the origin, evolution and growth of our languages, the political issues will also have to be studied well. To do this, one has to be not only a linguist but also, I believe, a politician by trade. But I am not a politician. In view of this, I shall address the issue from a linguist’s point of view. If, however, I happen to touch upon issues that might have political content, it is my wish that it will be known that I do so only in my capacity as an average Ethiopian citizen.

Ethiopian News Agency

The Ethiopia News Agency (ENA) feels proud and honored to announce to its esteemed visitors the launching of a new webpage

Addis Tribune

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Walta Information Center
Established in Dec.1986(EC), Walta Information Center is an information services providing company,    located at the main business center of Addis Ababa. Walta is a registered Private information center with the Minsitry of Information and Culture ( Reg. NO AA / PM/ 817/88).

Ethiopians in Switzerland Information Network

News, Articles, Links, Discussion Forum, Commentary, Summary of Events

A First Draft for a Living EncyclopŠdia of Orthodox Christianity

AIT Records

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Bethel Music Ministry

The Bethel Music Ministry was founded as a nondenominational and nonprofit Ethiopian Music Ministry in 1992. It is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, organization incorporated in the State of Kansas.

The Parliament of Ethiopia

Welcome to the home page of the Parliament of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. This will give you access to information regarding the structures, powers and functions of the two Houses, i.e. The House of Peoples' Representatives and The House of the Federation and their respective committees.There will also be informartion regarding the joint session of the Parliament and the legislative process in the House of Peoples' Representatives. Most of all, draft bills presented to and bills adopted by The House of Peoples' Representatives will also be exhibited for public consumption. - Results for Ethiopic

Extinct language of Ethiopia belonging to the Semitic subfamily of the Hamito-Semitic family of languages. See MAJOR AFRICAN LANGUAGES (table).

The Ethiopian Computer Standards Association

The Ethiopian Computer Standards Association steering committee was activated in a resolution of the July, 1997 National Workshop on Information Technology and Ethiopic Software. ECoSA was established as an association 6 weeks later at the ECoSA workshop hosted by the Ethiopian Authority for Standardization. ECoSA is formulated to fill a role between government and industry in the cooperative establishment of standards for Ethiopic computing. ECoSA is also ideally positioned in Ethiopia to coordinate standardization efforts between internal and external parties. ECoSA's establishment comes at a most crucial time as Ethiopic computing stadardizations efforts are already underway world wide and as the first lights of information society are dawning upon Ethiopia.
Fettan Graphics Home Page

Fettan Graphics Home Page F§n ÝTÝŽ¨ F§n g˛Ůks By Bekele Molla Fettan Graphics (c) 1991, 1998 Welcome! We have been serving the Ethiopian community with our unique Ethiopic computer..   we are also a major printer and publisher  of Books in various Ethiopian languages and English. We translate from Ethiopic to English and vice versa. We provide visitors to our site with links to world news in Ethiopian and English languages. Customers and casual surfers enjoy Ethiopian music, online headline news (including VOA) in Ethiopian languages, calendar, recipes, history and much more.
Ethiopic Web Counter

You have to add few lines , just few lines in your HTML text to generate your own Ethiopic Counter like the above page ! The counter is free ! We only ask you to put a link back to

A-BIT-Z Sprachensoftware, multilingual computing services

A-BIT-Z Sprachenprogramme: Lernen, ▄bersetzen, internationale Fonts, multilingual computing services, localized Microsoft Windows products, Softwares for OCR, translation, dictionaries and learning.

Profi-▄bersetzungen in ALLE Sprachen, ▄bersetzer

▄bersetzungen, Dolmetscher, Řbersetzen, dolmetschen, Sprachen, translations, language, Sprachendienst, Bangard, Marburg, Internet, Homepage, ▄bersetzer, ▄bersetzung, Profi, TŘrkisch, Uebersetzung

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