The Etruscans

Hello There! Let me introduce myself: my name is Larth the Etruscan, navigator, merchant and warrior. Don't be deceived by my meek appearance: I've had so many adventures that when I tell you about them over a goblet of wine, you'll be amazed. Like the time I put a whole gang of Celtic barbarians to flight and...  

Etruscan Phrases

After ten years of work on the elusive Etruscan Scripts, in 1981 I published a book called, "Catalog of Etruscan Words". In the book I gathered all of the Etruscan scripts which were then extant and broke down the scripts into familiar words and phrases. Using a matrix I listed words which were common among the scripts, and using those words, which were often with repetitive phrases, such as one would find in noun plus epithet structures, i.e.: in liturgical use or in the Iliad, I isolated other words and phrases.

Centro Studi Italiani Alfabeto c, C Terza lettera dell'alfabeto derivata dalla ghimel nord semitica e dal greco gamma 

Museo Gregoriano Etrusco II

The Etruscan Museum was founded in 1837, during the pontificate of Gregorio XVI. It comprises nine rooms (sale) and presents artifacts excavated from Etruria (1828-1837) and Lazio.

TITUS: SS-1995
Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien TITUS Lehrveranstaltungen - Programas Docentes Indogermanische 

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