Praying Through the Window: Day 28

Many Fulani live lives that have changed little in more than a millennium. The nomadic Fulani, or Fulbe, as they prefer to be called, remain cattle herders, living simply and in complete harmony with ...

Ethnologue: Cameroon

Ethnologue: Areas: Africa Cameroon 12,875,000 (1995). Republic of Cameroon. Formerly French Cameroun and British Cameroons. Literacy rate 62% to 65%; 36.9% (1977 C.M. Brann). Information mainly from SIL 1996, Atlas Linguistique du Cameroun 1983. Data


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Exhibit 1 : Ethnies, tribes and clans, E-G LARGER GROUP POLITICAL ENTITY WELL KNOWN PEOPLE Ivory Coast Ewe, Eve Ewe, Eve Falasah (al bu) Yas (bani) Dubai, UAE

Isokan Yoruba Magazine: The Dasuki Saga and the Nig ...

The Dasuki Saga and the Nigerian Democratic Struggle By Femi Folorunso The deposition of Ibrahim Dasuki as the Sultan of Sokoto and his immediate ...

Languages of Chad

Database of the languages in Chad.

Fulani People

Pulaar, Fulfulde Neighboring Peoples: Types of Art: Fulani are a nomadic peoples who have been influential in regional politics, economics, and histories throughout western Africa for over a thousand years.

Projeto Josué 2000: Grupo Fula Perfil

Povos Dentro do Grupo Fula Adamawa Fulani, Puel De Camarões Bagirmi Do Chade Bagirmi Fulani Da República Centro Africana Bauchi Fulani Da Nigéria.

Wodaabe People

Northern Nigeria, southwestern Niger Fulbe languages Neighboring Peoples: Types of Art: Wodaabe weave and dye beautiful cloth that is considered extremely valuable throughout western Africa.

Civilizations in Africa: The Hausa Kingdoms

Hausaland is in the center of northwestern Africa immediately south of the Sahara desert. Until the 1100's, Hausaland was made up of a number of decentralized agricultural and pastoral villages.

The People of Nigeria

Age structure: Population growth rate: 3.16% (1995 est.) Birth rate: 43.26 births/1,000 population (1995 est.) Death rate: 12.01 deaths/1,000 population (1995 est.)

Ethnologue: Mali

Languages of Mali. Part of _Ethnologue: Languages of the World_, 13th Edition; Barbara F. Grimes, Editor; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996.

Hausa People

Northern Nigeria, northwestern Niger 15 million Neighboring Peoples: Kanuri, Fulani, Akan peoples, Songhay, Yoruba Types of Art: Beautiful indigo dyed cloth is still produced in the Kano state of northern Nigeria.

Katana People

Eastern Nigeria, western Cameroon Neighboring Peoples: Igala, Jukun, Idoma, Igbara Types of Art: Katana carve large wooden masks which are worn atop the head with raffia costumes.

Mambila People

Northwestern Cameroon, eastern Nigeria Mambila (Macro-Bantu) Neighboring Peoples: Kaka, Tikong, Bafum Types of Art: Wooden statues are carved to represent the ancestors, and masks that are worn on the top of the head are carved for use in initiation.

Dictionary Information: Definition Painful - Descri ...

A how to self help knowledge base to answer questions on control, management and understanding self, helping one deal, learn, know and master self.

Dictionary Information: Definition Faithful - Descr ...

A how to self help knowledge base to answer questions on control, management and understanding self, helping one deal, learn, know and master self.

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