Learning Hungarian
We offer FREE ACCESS to worksheets, audio recordings and texts for both students and teachers of the Hungarian language.

Hungarian Language Learning
The Helle Studio teaches Hungarian language in Budapest. We have One-to-one classes or small groups, taught in the student's native language mostly English or German. Special developed Textbook and Grammarbook (written in English) helps to achieve a quick success in communication.

Hungarian Bookstore
There's thousands of books and DVDs, as well as essays and directories for people researching Hungarian restaurants, grocery stores, churches, and even doctors in the USA.

Ectaco - Online Dictionaries

Ectaco is the world leader in the development and manufacture of the electronic handheld dictionaries. Since the foundation of the company in 1990, we have produced 6 generations of electronic dictionaries Language Teacher® and Partner® translating from/into over 20 languages. The high level of expertise and experience of Ectaco linguists, programmers, designers and engineers have resulted in the creation of dictionaries with modern design, a high-quality linguistic bases and the widest range of features.

Radio Juventus

Juventus Radio was established in 1989 as a local station with a studio in Siófok. The station aired entertainment and sport programs on 810 AM during the day, mainly for tourists spending their vacation time at Lake Balaton. During the following years the radio was not on air continuously, and was even shut down sometimes for months. 

Hungarian Society of Cinematographers - Magyar Operatőrök ...

English language web-site of Hungarian Society of Cinematographers - Magyar Operatőrök Társasága (HSC/MOT) listing the credits and references of 180 members, honorary members, still photographers. Advertising possibilities in the coming European Film Handbook, news on workshops. A Magyar Operatőrök Társasága (HSC/MOT) web-site-ja felsorolja angol nyelven a tagság (mintegy 180 film- és...

Hungarian Folk-dance Group MR-BID

Founded on the occasion of a home evening from displaced persons and former members of the Hungarian army of the 2nd world war.

Hungarian Culture Forum in Lund

Organization for Hungarian expatriates and sympathizers living

Karcsi's Hungarian Folk Dance Page

Links to sites devoted to Hungarian folk music and dance.

Ethnologue: Hungary

Languages spoken in Hungary.

Welcome to dESCAware

WELCOME TO ESCA.ATOMKI.HU [] = = = Department of Electron Spectroscopy and Material Science, Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences H-4026 Debrecen, Bem ter 18/c, Hungary, Tel: +36 (52) 417-266

Hungarian Medical Association of America, Inc.

Maintains and advances Hungarian medical traditions in the United States and Canada.

Profi-Übersetzungen in ALLE Sprachen, Übersetzer, Dolmetscher für jede...

Übersetzungen, Dolmetscher, übersetzen, dolmetschen, Sprachen, translations, language, Sprachendienst, Bangard, Marburg, Internet, Homepage, Übersetzer, Übersetzung, Profi, Türkisch, Uebersetzung


Ungarisch Deutsch. Professionelle hauptberufliche (und in aller Regel gerichtlich vereidigte) Dolmetscher und/oder Übersetzer fertigen als...

100 Sprachen. Professionelle Übersetzungen durch hochqualifizierte LENGUA-Übersetzer. ...

100 Sprachen. Professionelle Übersetzungen durch hochqualifizierte LENGUA-Übersetzer. Sprachkurse im Ausland. Alle Sprachen, alle Fachgebiete. Übersetzungen von Webseiten, Softwarelokalisierung.

1. Finnisch-ugrisches Seminar 2. Theaterstraße 14 D-37073 Göttingen Tel. 39-4582 Fax ...

1. 2. Theaterstraße 14 D-37073 Göttingen Tel. 39-4582 Fax 39-4582 3. Prof. Dr. János Gulya 4. Prof. Dr. János Gulya, Direktor, Tel. 39-4581 Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Schlachter Doz. Dr. Pertti Lassila, Gastdozent, Tel. 39-4586 Dr. ...


UNGARISCH II. Lehrbuch wird im Kurs bekanntgegeben Kurs-Nr: 425730 Margit Ackermann dienstags 19.30-21.00 Uhr Beginn: Di,15.09.98 Bad Homburg,...

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