High Icelandic language centre
During the nineties and the early years of the 20th century an ultrapurist form of Modern Icelandic has been created. High Icelandic or Háfrónska (frónska is the poetic name of the Icelandic language).
The High Icelandic language movement (Háfrónska málhreyfingin) has accomplished an enormous tast and icelandicized thousands of words for which no Icelandic equivalent existed.

The leshús web site

Specially dedicated to students of  linguistics and human rights

Résumé du cours GERM 016

Vieil islandais et grammaire comparée des langues scandinaves;- CHRISTIAN PEETERS (FACULTE DE PHILOSOPHIE ET LETTRES)


Forsiða, Fréttir, Iþròttir, Viðskipti, Tækni, Fòkus, Smàaugl DV, Krakkar, Spegillinn


The Morning paper

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service

Ríkisútvarpið RUV - The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service - is an independent public service broadcaster, formally owned by the Icelandic state. It started operation in 1930. RUV is financially independent, its principal sources of income being the licence fee and revenues from advertisements.

Icelandic American Chamber of Commerce

Find information about the Icelandic business community and environment here. THE ICELANDIC AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 800 Third Avenue, 36th floor New York, NY 10022 Tel: 212-593-2700 / fax 212-593-6269

The Icelandic Government

The official English language site of the Icelandic Government. Contains references to the Ministries' web sites and other material pertaining to central government

Hawks Mountain Ranch Icelandic Sheep

We raise Purebred Icelandic Sheep for natural colored wool, lean meat and quality breeding stock.We are proud to have an OPP negative and foot rot free flock!

Scouting around the world - Iceland

Scouting around the world - Local pages - Iceland A growing number of people maintain information services about their own unit, district or council. Here is a list of all sites that I know of, most of which were announced on any of the...

Eye On Iceland - Auf Deutsch

Eye on Iceland [Willkommen] Was ist "Eye On Iceland"? "Eye On Iceland" bedeutet "interessieren

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