The "official" international Interlingua website. Includes a compilation of
Interlingua documents and links to many sites.

The International Declaration of Human Rights in Interlingua. Translated
at the request of the United Nations High Commissioner.

Radio Interlingua. An Interlingua radio station.

A site devoted to fresco art. In Interlingua, Italian, and English.

Informed Svensk Informationsförmedling (Swedish Information Agency), a firm
that publishes three online magazines. Partly in Interlingua.

Interlingua a Prime Vista. A site in Interlingua with information in nine
languages. (under development)

The Interlingua-English Dictionary (IED), a longstanding resource for
linguists and interlinguists, is being placed online. The revered and
informative preamble is online now. (under development)

A fresh, interesting Interlingua course in English. With photos. By Paul

Pro Biblia, a large, evangelic Christian site based on an Interlingua
magazine. Prepared by Paolo Castellina.

A catalog of diverse Interlingua books and resources:

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