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North Pole Links - Debbie's Unit Factory

Find 'cool' links to the Arctic, Inuit and animals that inhabit the North Pole.

Inuktitut syllabic chart

The syllabic representaion for the Inuit language (Inuktitut) was developed by missionaries stationed in the Arctic regions, enabling the Inuit to record their history. Previous to this time, the passing of ...

Ethnologue: Greenland

Languages of Greenland. Part of _Ethnologue: Languages of the World_, 13th Edition; Barbara F. Grimes, Editor; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996.

Page's Gallery of Inuit, Tribal, and Eskimo Art

Since 1982 Inuit, Eskimo, and Tribal Art Site design by Sculptures of Stone, Bone, and Antler by Inuit Masters Childrens' Carvings Original Prints, Lithographs, Stone Cuts and Stencils

Inuit Map of Nunavut and Northwest Territories

A major map of the North West Territores and Nunavut marking the past and current living areas of the Inuit peoples of the Canadaian Arctic.

ABoriginArt Inc. Your source for Inuit, Eskimo, Ind ...

ABoriginArt supplies high quality originalCanadian Inuit Art & Indian Art, sculpture and prints, directly to our clienteleat the best possible price. All works include a 30 day money back guarantee.

TGreenland Guide - the official travel index

800+ pages about travel and tourism in Greenland: Information from the tourist board, travel agencies, airlines, hotels, local tourist services. Stamps from Greenland.

Native Language

Native Search, native american, american indian, search engine, native search engine

Alaska Native Language Center

Denaqenage': Our Language. A Title VII Career Ladder grant program working to increase the effectiveness of Native language programs in partnered school districts throughout Alaska.

Exhibit Touring Services - The World Around Me: Inu ...

The World Around Me: Inuit Art From The University of Lethbridge Art Collection Additional Images Pierre Karlik, "Loon" Inuit, Rankin Inlet Ivory, black soapstone base 15.25" X 4" X 3.25" n.d.

Greetings from NIIPA.

Welcome To The: Native Indian/ Inuit Photographers' Association. Imagemakers devoted to the enhancement of the "Creative-Spirit" "NIIPA's goal is to set up a Native Indian/Inuit photographic, educational network and to encourage as well as promote the usage of photography as a medium of the fine arts."

Tookalook - Inuit Art Gallery is a private virtual Native Art gallery specializing in both old and contemporary Inuit Art. Featuring extensive Inuit Artist biographies and reference pages along with a large collection on display; is sure to become your Inuit Art page.

Labrador Métis Nation Home Page

With 5,000 members, the Labrador Métis Nation is Labrador's largest Aboriginal organization. We are primarily the descendents of Inuit Women and British men, although we also have Innu, Mi'Kmaq, and Cree blood.

Meaning of Inuit

Dictionary entry for Inui

Native American Authors: Inuit Tribe

The Internet Public Library Native American Authors: Browsing by Tribe Inuit Tribe Inuit Authors Pitseolak Ashoona Emily Ivanof Brown Helen Slwooko Carius Alice French Alootook Ipellie Markoosie Nowya Natatok Emily Ivanoff Brown Ticasuk Online..

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