Italian language school Terramare, Orbetello
The Italian language center Terramare is specialized in teaching Italian language and culture to students from all over the world for more than 20 years.
Italiamo is a non profit association which was founded in 1982 Inspired by both Giosuè Carducci (a famous Italian poet born in Livorno) and the "Sommo poeta" Dante Alighieri, commonly considered as the father of the Italian language. The association has as its sole purpose: "…to protect the teaching of Italian language and culture in the world…" and "…to make the study of Italian enjoyable, practical and useful for work life, free time and social life"… as stated by the 1st article of its statute.

Italian Language and Culture

A site that teaches Italian with sound clips to help with pronunciation, activities to reinforce what is learned, and forums to ask questions in.

Italien Sprachurlaub
Italian Language Courses in Rome and Florence, for German speakers.

ItCLUB – Study Italian in Rome
The itCLUB is an Italian language school in the center of Rome offering small group and individual language courses as well as an accommodation service to students interested in studying abroad.

Italian On-the-Go
Italian On-the-Go will change the way you study. Study or just review Italian verbs, Italian adjectives and Italian vocabulary anywhere with these Visual Italian flash cards.

Italian language courses in Rome

Italian language courses in Rome description: Courses of Italian in Rome by Dilit Inernational House.

Italian language school Michelangelo
Michelangelo school offers italian language and cultural courses in Florence, Accommodation in families, apartments, studios. Art, Italian culture, cooking courses, activities, excursions.

Istituto Italiano
School of Italian language for foreigners based in Florence officialy recognised by the Ministry of Public Education of the Italian Republic. The school has also art and music departments.

Italian language school "Istituto Il David"
"Italian language school in the center of Florence, Italy. This web site provides information about the school, its Italian language and culture courses, the summer courses, about Florence and the accommodation types. It offers the opportunity to do a free knowledge test of the Italian language. "

 Horazio's Website
Italian language assistance online. Free translation service. NO membership required !

Learn Italian at "Istituto Linguitico Mediterrano"
Italian language school located in Pisa and in seaside city Viareggio.
Offers courses on Italian language for foreigners, semester and summer study abroad programs. Also features intensive courses, individual tutoring, and classes in cooking and art.

Italian courses in Italy

Learn Italian in Tuscany, at the seaside, while learning the Italian culture.

Scuola Tricolore is a young school. The school, its philosophy and method were founded, based on our own language experiences in Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the Netherlands. As a result Scuola Tricolore developed its own teaching method. Not just based on the communicative method, like many other schools, but also based on Edutainment.

The Informer, the online guide to living in Italy
Information on visas, work permits, tax, social security, healthcare, driving licences, housing, employment, legal matters, marriage/divorce, wills, etc

Scuola Ulisse
The Centro Culturale Ulisse was established in 1998 with the aim of promoting Italian language and Italian culture in the wider world. It is located in the beautiful late baroque centre of Catania, a seaside city on the island of Sicily, which offers infinite cultural, natural, and architectonic riches. The school offers students not only courses taught by highly skilled and experienced teachers, but also the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Italian and the local culture through leisure activities in the lively city centre.

‘Schools, Courses and institutions’ for Spanish
Scuola Tricolore offers personalized Italian language courses and continuous fun. We offer courses for every different need, study objective and every level. Our vast database of didactical material enables us to customize every lesson according to one's personal situation. Our school is located in Genoa, which situated at the Mediterranean Sea and has a rich cultural history. Besides our languages courses, Scuola Tricolore offers many additional activities, excursions and courses, like sailing, diving, painting, diners, aperitivo, wine tasting, etc. Studying at Scuola Tricolore is about studying Italian with lot's of fun.

Italian language school in Italy
Italian language and culture courses at any levels in one of the most beautiful seaside and historic resorts of Italy. The school is officially recognized by the University for foreigners of Siena for the Cils certificate (official diploma of Italian). We offer also cooking courses, art and literature courses, courses for teachers of Italian, Italian language courses for children, business Italian courses.

"Otranto nel Mondo" School of Italian Language and Culture
By arrangement with the Perugia Universtity for Foreign Students, the school is an examination centre for the Certificates in Italian Language (CELI) and Business Italian (CIC).

Order Sons of Italy in America
Learn Italian online with Made In Italy, offered through the Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA), the largest and longest-established national organization for men and women of Italian heritage in the United States.

The Italian American link between you and your family roots and culture in Southern Italy
We are the children, the grandchildren and the great-grandchildren of Southern Italian emigrants. Our families literally risked everything in coming to America. These brave people came to a strange world; without knowledge of the language and in most cases, with very little money. Amazingly, they survived; not only did they survive, but they prospered. A testimony to their great strength of character. This site is dedicated to honor all those who emigrated to America from Southern Italy and Sicily and to our people all over the world.

Centro Giacomo Puccini - Italian culture
Learn Italian in Tuscany, at the seaside, while learning the Italian culture.
Easiest way to learn Italian with fun
The first Italian on-line course totally created with Flash (the greatest web animation program).8 levels: from basics to the advanced, more than 130 lessons!

Italian American Web Site of New York: index.html page

This site contains information about Italians and Italian-Americans, such as, Italian organizations, Famous Italians/ Italian-Americans, History, Genealogy, Music, fashion and much more. Also, this site contains information about New York, such as, Local sports, Weather, and much more. Finally, The site has multimedia information, such as, audio, video phone programs and voice recognition...


Learn English, German, French, Italian and Spanish for FREE using our online Language Lab

Italian Anagram Server

Internet anagram server for the Italian language.

Ectaco - Online Dictionaries

Ectaco is the world leader in the development and manufacture of the electronic handheld dictionaries. Since the foundation of the company in 1990, we have produced 6 generations of electronic dictionaries Language Teacher® and Partner® translating from/into over 20 languages. The high level of expertise and experience of Ectaco linguists, programmers, designers and engineers have resulted in the creation of dictionaries with modern design, a high-quality linguistic bases and the widest range of features.

Antologia (fragmentaria) della Letteratura Italiana

A collection of Italian literature and writings. (In Italian).


Articles on Italian culture worldwide.

THAIS: 1200 Years of Italian Sculpture

Extensive collection of Italian sculpture organized by period, artist and city; in Italian.

Italian literature in HTML

La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri La Vita Nuova di Dante Alighieri Dubbi Amorosi di Pietro Aretino Orlando Furioso di Ludovico Ariosto Rime di Guido Cavalcanti I Sonetti di Ugo Foscolo Dei Sepolcri di Ugo Foscolo Tutte le Poesie di Guido Gozzano Canti di Giacomo Leopardi (alcuni) Il Cinque Maggio di Alessandro Manzoni Sulla morte di Giuda di Vincenzo Monti

Italian Pages Magazine

News, scores, and links to teams in the first and second soccer divisions in Italy.


THE ITALIAN & LATIN TRANSLATORS CONNECTION science & technology translations We offer fast, quality Italian and Latin translations. by AltaVista

Apprendere l'Italiano: Study Italian in Florence, Rome, Siena

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is an Italian language school for foreigners, located in Rome, Florence and Siena. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is a member of ASILS (Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language) and of ELITE (Excellent Language Institutions Teachin in Europe): members of ELITE are English schools of ARELS, German schools of IQ, SOUFFLE French schools of France, Spanish schools of AEEA and Italian schools of ASILS.

Dickinson College - Département de Français et d'Italien

Le Département de Français et d'Italien. Les cours de Français et d'Italien à Dickinson sont conçus dans le but de fournir bien davantage que la simple acquisition d'une ...

Information for the Foreign Students

The enrolment of the Foreign Students Courses in Italian Language and Culture The Enrolment of the Foreign Students . (not for Socrates students) The foreign students resident abroad that they wish to ...

The International Association of Language Centres IALC

Over 60 language schools with an international reputation in 20 countries -learn English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese or French where it is spoken.

Associazione «LinguaNova»

«Associazione Lingua Nova» Scuola di lingua e cultura italiana per stranieri Via Borra, 35 - 57123 Livorno


ARCOdiDRUSO: Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri, Dove siamo, Corsi, Calendari, Prezzi ... e molto altro. 

Italian language and culture courses in Italy

Italian language and culture courses in Italy, on the Adriatic sea. Group courses, individual courses, cooking courses. Relaxed and stimulating atmosphere. Rich cultural program. Accommodation.


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