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English-Latvian translations provided by experienced freelance translator. The site also provides online English-Latvian and Latvian language dictionary.

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Latvian fonts: DOS &&Windows , Windows Latvians in NHL: Arturs Irbe , Sandis Ozolinsh , Sergei Zholtok (E) Regional Environmental Center - map of Latvia and address of the local office (E) Atbalsis Latvian American lodge and nature park (L,E)

Learning Latvian

Includes audio and interactive exercises. Vocabulary and more presented in a situational contest.

Foreign Languages for Travelers

Our Award-Winning Foreign Languages for Travelers site teaches the very basics of over 55 languages!

A-BIT-Z Sprachensoftware, multilingual computing services

A-BIT-Z Sprachenprogramme: Lernen, Übersetzen, internationale Fonts, multilingual computing services, localized Microsoft Windows products, Softwares for OCR, translation, dictionaries and learning.

Lettisch für Anfänger

English Lettisch für Anfänger Sveiks! Hallo! (Grüß dich!) Labdien! Guten Tag! Labri't! Gute

Latvian On Line Dictionary

Latvian On Line Dictionary Welcome Latvian on-line dictionary add on Welcome to Latvian Software Digest Comments For fur 

Ectaco - Online Dictionaries

Ectaco is the world leader in the development and manufacture of the electronic handheld dictionaries. Since the foundation of the company in 1990, we have produced 6 generations of electronic dictionaries Language Teacher® and Partner® translating from/into over 20 languages. The high level of expertise and experience of Ectaco linguists, programmers, designers and engineers have resulted in the creation of dictionaries with modern design, a high-quality linguistic bases and the widest range of features.

Latvian Academy of Sciences

Welcome to Latvian Academy of Sciences server. These WWW pages are created to give you the most comprehensive information about Latvian Academy of Sciences, its scientific institutions and academical science in Latvia.

Latvians in America

A guide to Latvian culture and history in the United States.

Ethnologue -- Latvia

Languages spoken in Latvia.

Welcome to the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre!

Welcome to the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre! The 'Centre' is situated in North York in the heart of Metropolitan Toronto. We can offer you excellent facilities, highly personalized service and planning expertise for:

Riga, Capital of Latvia

Links to Riga in Your Pocket and a map of Riga.

Latvia, latvian , Art Education, Studies, Schools, Univ

E u r o  a r t  c h a n n e l Cyber Community - Art Education Latvia PLEASE SELECT LANGUAGE AND RESOLUTION BIT


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