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Very good website for marathi learners

Marathi Basic Homepage

Marathi Basic homepage is the official homepage of Marathi Basic - the first ever programming language in marathi. It supports almost all basic like syntax but all in marathi. The syntax is close to natural-language marathi. Console based. Simple to use. Interpreted. The sites provide links to download sites, product info. Marathi Basic is 100% free of charge or more technically freeware.

Mailjol, free email service in Indian languages

Free web based email service in Assamese, bengali, english, gujarati, hindi,kannada, marathi, malayalam, punjabi, oriya, tamil & telugu.


A fine multimedia web site for learning Marathi. This site  is updated weekly. Learn to communicate with over 60 million people worldwide who speak Marathi. Marathi is official language of state of  Maharashtra, India.

Lyrics to Marathi Songs

Kahi m:raYi g:aN:i Lyrics to Marathi Songs If this page looks garbled, then, most probably, you have not installed xdvng . This page was made using Sandeep Sibal's Jtrans using xdvng devnagri fonts and Avinash Chopde's ITRANS .

Marathi and Maharashtra related resources

A Great resource for Marathi language and Maharashtrian culture. Marathi is the language spoken by about 70 million people and is official language of Maharashtra state in India.

Marathi Music : Aaroha Avaroh

M a a y b o l i - H o m e m u s i c home : music c o m m u n i t y p e o p l e l i t e r a t u r e c i t i e s t e c h n

Marathi Songs for Every Mood

Ganesh Evergreen Marathi Songs For reasons unknown to me, RealPlayer G2 doesn't work with the songs here. You will need

Neelam Audio & Video, Inc. (Home)

Catalog of Indian Classical & Marathi Compact Discs with RealAudio preview clips.

MaharashtraNet - Font Download

This Web Site is developed using LangScapeTechnologyYou need to download LangScape Marathi Fonts to view this Web Site in Marathi Script. Click Here To Down Load Marathi Font

Knowledge Ware Interactive

Sells multimedia educational software for pre-school/primary students with some modules incorporating Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.

Pitara: Children's Books Section

Children's Books of Indian origin in english, hindi and other Indian languages


Marathi Vishwa School. What do children learn at Marathi Vishwa School? Level 1: Children in this class have very little knowledge of the Marathi...

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