Pashto Language and Culture Center
The goal of this Website is to help people in acquiring a conversational ability in Afghan Pashto, and to provide them with the information about the History, Language, and Culture of the people who speak this language
Persian language-learning software
Unique Persian language-learning software on CD-ROM.  Beginner and Intermediate level programs teach you to speak Farsi interactively. These are the ONLY CD-ROM's available which teach conversational Farsi interactively, using full-motion video, audio, and a touch of humor!  

Experience four basic skills in learning for free! Learning a language has never been easier than this. The site offers free unlimited
lessons if you want to learn Persian. If you know nothing about Persian and want to learn it systematically for any reason, or if you are Iranian but your children are born abroad and have no opportunity to learn their mother tongue systematically, then this site is for you. Just try it once, and you’ll find yourself addicted!!

Persian services
This site, dealing with farsi (Persian) services like business and Information technology, is designed to help farsi speakers and non-english users to find their required information easily on the net. Its search has the most complete iranian sites developed in iran and also international translated ones out of it. Every body, inside and outside of Iran may sell or buy his or her goodies directly by paying the least price.

Iranbooks Persian Language Publications

Iranbooks Persian (Farsi) Language Publications 600 Mulla Nasreddin Stories 600 dastan-e mulla nasreddin collected by Mo

A-BIT-Z Sprachensoftware, Sprachen Software, Sprachenprodukt...

A-BIT-Z Sprachensoftware, Multilingual Computer Service, localisierte Microsoft Windows Produkte, Übersetzungssoftware, Lernsoftware, Sprachen Software für OCR, Schriften, Übersetzungen, Lernen.

Profi-Übersetzungen in ALLE Sprachen, Übersetzer, Dolmetsche...

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Übersetzungen - Sprachendienst Bangard im Internet

Beglaubigte Übersetzungen in alle Sprachen und aus allen Sprachen Sehr schnell, sauber und zuverlässig übersetzen unsere

Übersetzungen Pjetër Coli

Diese Sprachen übersetzen wir Ihnen! Zur Startseite Afghanisch Afrikaans Albanisch Amarinja Amharisch Arabisch Aramäisch

SMZ Uni BA - Komm. VV SS 97

SPRACHEN- UND MEDIENTECHNISCHES ZENTRUM der Universität Bamberg Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis für das Sommersemester 1997 Markusstraße 6 Sekretariat: Yvonne Cavelius Tel. 863-1241 Öffnungszeiten: 9 - 11.45 Uhr Leitung: Prof. Dr. Sebastian...

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