Filipino resources
A source for Pilipino language, textbooks, phrasebooks, dictionaries and audiocassettes. Also dealing with Ilokano, Cebuano, Visayan, Pampangan and Pangasinan dialects.

Kapatirang Pilipino Links
Filipino/Filipino-American cultural, social and political issues are rarely the subject of discussion in the academic and political arena (at societal levelfor that matter).

Say Hello in the Tagalog (Pilipino) Language

Click to hear how to say hello in Tagalog! English: Good day My name is Tagalog: Magandang tanghali po Ako si Pronunciation:

Foreign Languages for Travelers


Our Award-Winning Foreign Languages for Travelers site teaches the very basics of over 55 languages!

Tagalog Language Homepage

Tatlong Maria by Anita Magsaysay-Ho, 1979 TULOY PO KAYO sa aming (Welcometo ourTagalog LanguageHomePage) The Tagalog Onsite Dictionary is now working!Thank you for your patience. Learning Tagalog For Students For Site Visitors

Miranda, Marcos

Interests in the Philippines and the Tagalog language. Links to Pinoy. ONLINE NEWSPAPERS/MAGAZINES

Kawomenan Newsletter

Kawomenan is a bimonthly newsletter of GABRIELA Network. It responds to the urgent need for information and education on the political, economic, social and cultural struggles confronting Filipino women and the connection of their issues with US..

Philippines Information

CAI Art Gallery is proud to present the work of contemporary Cebuano artists. This is a tutorial for English speakers who want to learn to speak Tagalog with an emphasis on everday speech and street talk. ITES

Welcome to Babilonia Wilner Foundation Online
BWF Online is the First Philippine Environmental Site on the World Wide Web. Babilonia Wilner Foundation (BWF) is a non-government, non-profit organization based in Manila, Philippines

Reflections of Asia
Selling Philippine cookbooks and maps, Tagalog and Ilocano dictionaries, history books, and folkdance supplies.

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Online Bookstore specializing in philippine books,philippine folkdance supplies, Philippine flags,philippine music,philippine videotapes,philippine cookbooks

Lexpress International, Inc. -- Global Communicator Home
Lexpress International (SM) -- For global communicators looking for translation, interpreting and interpreters, foreign language typesetting and document production, and other language services for international business and travel.

KERN Translations

KERN Translation and Interpreting -- in all languages. Visit us for translations, interpreting, foreign-language dubbing, and foreign-language typesetting.

Language Translation Services by ALS International

Translation & Interpreting .ALS International is a World Class Translation house That will translate To or From Any Language amd any Subject , Website Localization and Multimedia Translation. Manuals, DTP & Typesetting. Call ALS International for For Your next translating job.

1st Semstr Pilipino/Tagalog--SOUTH ASIAN STUDIES (910)--College of Letters and Science

1st Semstr Pilipino/Tagalog--SOUTH ASIAN STUDIES (910)--College of Letters and Science There are no buyers or sellers for this class at this time. Please check back later. Return to SOUTH ASIAN STUDIES (910) page Return to College of Letters and...

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