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Swedish public radio
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Service des bibliothéques et archives

Université de Sherbrooke. Catalogue Crésus. Pour chercher des livres, titres de périodiques, disques, mémoires, thèses, partitions, DVD, etc.


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Swedish Christian Link Collection

Välkommen! Du är besökare This service is mainly in swedish Besök hemsidan till stöd för Erling Ivarsson! Innehåll/Conte

Sweden, Swedish , Artists, Painters, Sculptors , Cerami

E u r o  a r t  c h a n n e l Cyber Community - Artists Sweden PLEASE SELECT LANGUAGE AND RESOLUTION BITTE WÄH

WWW Virtual Library: Museums in Sweden/ Museer i Sverige
Last updated/ Senast uppdaterad: 3 July/i 1998 Your visit is number/ Ditt besök är nummer: (since August/ sedan augusti 1994) Try the Virtual Library museum search facility.

The Onsala Space Observatory Home Page

The Onsala Space Observatory (OSO) is located 30 miles south of Gothenburg, Sweden and is the Swedish National Facility for Radio Astronomy at Chalmers University of Technology (CTH)

Swedish Personal Register Law

New Swedish law about handling of personal information in computers makes much of the publication of information about individual persons on the Internet illegal, such as criticism of named persons, publication of lists of references in scientific papers or the sending of e-mail messages outside of Europe. 

Swedish Network for European Studies, Economics & Business

National research network, established by an initiative from the Swedish government. Its aim is to promote economic research on EU related topics in Sweden.

The Swedish Football League Message Board
The Swedish Football League Message Board. Interactive Supporters Views and News Page.

Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala Division

På svenska tack SWEDISH INSTITUTE OF SPACE PHYSICS Uppsala Division The Uppsala Division of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics is integrated with the Department of Space and Plasma Physics of the Uppsala University.

Luleå tekniska universitet

Luleå tekniska universitet - Luleå University of Technology På svenska In English

Skolsidan - The Swedish School Page
The Swedish Page

American Swedish Institute

Museum and cultural center dedicated to interpreting and celebrating Swedish-American culture.

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