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Online books in URDU free
Good books in Urdu.

urdu web site &forum

Urdu Adab Ka Khazina
A try to improve Urdu Language on Internet, Here you can find every thing about Urdu, Islam in Urdu, Urdu Poetry, Urdu Greating Cards, Free Fax, Mobile SMS, COmputer Tips and much more.


A directory of Urdu web sites.

UrduCards.com send free digital Urdu and English greeting cards

Send electronic greeting cards to some one you love. Variety of Urdu and English cards is available, The first site having both Urdu & English Cards on net. All occasion post cards, All cards free

Jang Group of Newspapers

The largest English and Urdu newspaper publication network of Pakistan.

Siasat Daily

Daily Urdu news from India.

Apna Sangeet Radio

Programming in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English and more. News from around the world.

Internet pakistan - the zoooom network - urdu

The Zoooom Network, Zoooom Net is the ISP internet service provider of pakistan, serving in the fields of web design(ing) , development, urdu, newspapers


hsyed@yahoo.com ; last updated on June 20, 1997. Hamid Syed's URDU POETRY Page Ghazals in Urdu (Urdu Font needed) Urdu Dictionary Learn To Read Urdu

Urdustan.com : the land of urdu

A site devoted to Urdu, the language of love, poetry and music

Our Father

The Lord's Prayer in 379 languages and dialects The Cloister of the Pater Noster in Jerusalem The Lord's Prayer in 31 languages Please help us find and publish the Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary in as many languages and dialects as possible!(We list a very limited sample of languages and dialects

Mumbai/Bombay: Indian Languages: Urdu

Thanks to many people, mostly anonymous, who continue to send in links, updates and bug reports to help keep these pages going. Proprietary: C-DAC, Pune: Unix, DOS, Windows, Mac; a range of wordprocessing and related software.

Anam - pehla safaH--- Urdu NazmeiN     
A nazm a month Urdu is a word of Turkish origin which means "horde." In fact, the word "horde" has same origin and hence sounds similar and even has same meaning.


We are an innovative company using our specialised knowledge
to provide a complete Software solution. All our products have been designed by using Object oriented design technology and developed with C++ language.
Every product we have released was test thoroughly with Microsoft Test. We just have released our Urdu Editor and Urdu ActiveX

Sadaf for DOS

Professional Nastalique Publishing INTRODUCTIONSilverSoft is a leader in the area of software support for Urdu and Arabic language in the middle east and south east Asia region.

A1 Urdu 98 for Windows 95/98/NT (Word Processor, Database, Web)

Download Free Urdu 98 Viewer Control with Nastaleeq Font for Internet Explorer Visit the Urdu Web Site Quran Web (Urdu translation with Arabic Text) Urdu 98 Urdu Keyboard for Windows 98 based computers. With Urdu 98 any user will be able to make...

Afghan Books

Home Author Snaps Press Release Coming Soon E-Mail SILENT SOLDIER The Man behind the Afghan Jehad by Brigadier (Retd.) Mohammad Yousaf, S.Bt. Click on the title to read this book! In other languages: Urdu Persian THE BEAR TRAP Afghanistan's Untold..

Dar-us-Salam Publications

Islamic books available in English, Arabic, and Urdu, as well as Islamic software and Quran CDs.

Ukindia Learn Urdu Page

Ukindia. Learn to Read Urdu. Lesson 1. Lesson 2..Home....Asian Books..Tamil.Gujarati. Punjabi. Hindi.Urdu.Sanskrit. Arabic.Greek.English. Russian...

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