Vietnamese language
Vietnamese language is considered part of the Austroasiatic language family.  It is the official language of Vietnam, spoken by approximately eighty million Vietnamese people in Vietnam and about two million expatriate Vietnamese in Europe, North America, Australia, Japan, Thailand, and other parts of the world.  There are three main dialects: HÓ Nội (Northern Vietnamese), Huế (Central Vietnamese), and SÓi G˛n (Southern Vietnamese) which correspond to the three main regions of Vietnam. The HÓ Nội dialect is the widely accepted and mostly used in mass media in Vietnam.

Vietnamese English French Online Dictionary
VDict is a powerful Vietnamese online dictionary. It indexes many Vietnamese dictionaries, including Vietnamese-English, Vietnamese-French and Vietnamese-Vietnamese dictionaries.

Volunteer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Our program in Vietnam is based in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. Ho Chi Minh City is the heart and soul of Vietnam. It's the largest city in the country and the economic center. Vietnam's bustling largest city sets the cultural and economic pace for the country.

VietPage: Vietnamese Web Catalog and Search Engine

Vietnamese Search Engine: Business and Advertisement, Entertainment and Culture. Computing and Technology. News and Events. Vietnamese People Connection.

Vietnamese Website

The main web site in the vietnamese community

Welcome to VietGATE

VietGATE, the very first and most complete GATEWAY to the Vietnamese Online community. Search the WWW for all current and significant Viet Websites. Find Viet businesses all over the world with the VietGATE Yellow Pages. And many, many more useful features...

Vietnam Online: business, travel, culture, news

Published from Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam Online is an extensive ressource site focused on Business News, Travel, Tourism and Culture. ONLINONLINE RADIO/TV

VietScape Home Page
Home page for VietScape, the Vietnamese Entertainment Network from San Jose, California. Vietnam Landscapes, Vietnamese Pageants, Vietnamese new CD releases, Vietnamese Singers Biographies


RFI 2 parle 18 langues : RFI et les langues ÚtrangŔres, anglais, allemand, serbe et croate, russe, roumain, espagnol, brÚsilien, portugais, arabe, persan, vietnamien, mandarin, cambodgien, lao, polonais, bulgare, crÚole, turc.

Vietnamese Arts Network - representing and promoting Vietnamese art, c...

We represent and promote Vietnamese artists in film, television, music, painting, writing, dance, performing arts, fashion and other forms of visual arts

Vietnamese Buddhist Temples

Doctrine, lessons, and a directory of Vietnamese Buddhist temples.

Bui Huu Nhut: Vietnamese Monochord Master

Biography of Bui Huu Nhut, Vietnamese dan bau (monochord) player

Vietnamese Contemporary Literature and Music Library - Van Hoc va Nhac Viet Nam

A comprehensive library of Vietnamese literature and music which contains Vietnamese poetry (tho), vietnamese short stories, vietnamese jokes, and vietnamese music in mp3 format (vietnamese mp3s)

The Vietnamese Arts & Culture Channel

Subjects covered: Arts, Business, Chat, Cuisine, Careers, Education, Email, Entertainment, Friendship, Health, Immigration, Jobs, Links, News, Organizations, Politics, Travel, Veterans, Vietnam War. NG SITES

The Echo from Mother Land Ensemble

The Tieng Vong Que Huong Ensemble is formed since 1985 in San Jose, California. Members of the group are Vietnamese Traditional Musicians and Vietnamese Traditional Singers who love the Vietnamese Traditional Music and would like to keep and maintain the Vietnamese Traditional Music in America, and to introduce the Art and the Beauty of Vietnamese Traditional Music to the World.

VietFrance Home Page

About VietFrance The very first challenge of the Vietnamese Community in Europe. A unique reference which will lead you to various Vietnamese communities in France and all over Europe.

Vietnamese Canadian Federation

Vietnamese Canadian Federation

Vietnamese District of the C&MA

Please click here to Download VNI fonts to Read Vietnamese!--mstheme--> If you have America Online, Click here Town Square - Vietnamese Christian to Chat in our AOL Chat Room Please Try Our New Sermon Audio Site Click here Phießu LieÔn La´c Tha¨nh..

Let's Eat Orange County: Vietnamese Restaurants

A comprehensive directory to all the Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County, California.

Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang

Vietnamese Nationalist Party. "In the common struggle for the better life of the Vietnamese people."

Dining Guide / Vietnamese Cuisine

Dining Guide

Vietnam Science, Technology and Environment

EnvironmentalAwareness Vietnam - WWW Mirror Site for Vietnam: Vietnam Business and Travel InformationVietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hanoi Gateway Institute for Information Technology

Vietnam entrarß en Internet, aunque con restricciones

En este servicio no se incluirßn informaciones sobre la polÝtica vietnamita. EP/AFP HANOI Vietnam entrarß en Internet de manera oficial el prˇximo 1 de diciembre, pero se ...

VietMate: Viewing All Vietnamese Web Pages In One Type Of Font

Viewing All Vietnamese Web Sites Add TCVN support (Used in Vietnamese Windows Codepage 1258) Add converting to VIQR format :-) (1.08) Remove FONT FACE TAG (1.07)

Vietnamese Language Bookshop

Books for learning Vietnamese that you can order.

VNI Software Company

Vietnamese word processing, lunar calendar, calendar, web browsing, IRC chat, e-mail and other software

A-BIT-Z Sprachensoftware, multilingual computing services, localized

A-BIT-Z Sprachenprogramme: Lernen, ▄bersetzen, internationale Fonts, multilingual computing services, localized Microsoft Windows products, Softwares for OCR, translation, dictionaries and learning.


Sprachen und ▄bersetzungshilfen

Peritus Precision Translations Inc.

Peritus Precision Translations, Inc. offers professional, certified translations for all major foreign languages such as German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (Canada, France), Hungarian, ...

100 Sprachen. Professionelle ▄bersetzungen durch hochqualifizierte LENGUA-▄bersetzer. Sprachkurse im Ausland. Alle
100 Sprachen. Professionelle ▄bersetzungen durch hochqualifizierte LENGUA-▄bersetzer. Sprachkurse im Ausland. Alle Sprachen, alle Fachgebiete. ▄bersetzungen von Webseiten, Softwarelokalisierung.

Traducciˇn ˇ vietnamita

Traducciˇn ˇ vietnamita o^i dda~ u+o+'c mo+ va` va^~n u+o+'c mo+ ngo^n ngu+~ Galician se~ so^'ng mai~. Vi` su+. tru+o+`ng to^`n cu?a mo^.t ngo^n ngu+~ se~ la` su+. tru+o+`ng to^`n cu?a mo^.t quo^'c gia. To^i muo^'n tha^'y da^n to^.c va` que^ hu+o..


Vietnamien Cours de premier cycle VTM-19319 Vietnamien I VTM-19320 Vietnamien II VTM-19795 Vietnamien contemporain

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