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USMARC Code List for Languages Changes (Library of ...

MARC: News and Announcements (November 15, 1996) USMARC Code List for Languages CHANGES The Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress is preparing the 1996 edition of the USMARC Code List for Languages. There are..

"Photos & Details of ZANDE RAJUA"

NB: For most satisfactory results this page should be viewed in Netscape. Hope's 1995 litter - Eng Ch Zande Almasi, otherwise known as Gizmo, relaxing...

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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC Music of the former Bandia courts Recordings, texts and photographs by Marc Chemillier & Eric de Dampierre Le Chant du Monde, CNR 2741009 (april 1996)


Exhibit 1 : Ethnies, tribes and clans, U-Z LARGER GROUP POLITICAL ENTITY WELL KNOWN PEOPLE Utub (al) Shanga Tsonga Shanga Tsonga Congo (ex Za´re) Shanga Tsonga  

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