Rama Koti Booklet

The Rama Koti booklet is a workbook for all religious people who want to spend some time daily
writing something about religious things, good things, good thoughts etc. It's very much in use in India, people do this on simple paper sheets or just buy ready-made booklets like this one. Usually you write something either daily or on special (auspicious) occasions.

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 Rama Koti Booklet



  1. Kingara (comic book)
  2. Jagdish (movie script)
  3. Hindi Vowels and Consonants
  4. First Steps in Hindi
  5. Indian History
  6. Hindi Short Phrases
  7. Hindi Grammar (First Lessons)
  8. Words Translated from Bhagwat Geeta Shloks (Verses)
  9. More Hindi Lessons
  10. Hindi - An Extensive Introduction
  11. Rama Koti Booklet
  12. Hinduism History • Lesson 1
  13. Hinduism History • Lesson 3
  14. Hinduism History • Lesson 4
  15. Hindi Jokes and Sentences
  16. English to Hindi Dictionary
  17. Hindi Kashmiri
  18. History of India
  19. History of India
  20. stages of indian hisotry
  21. Ramayana of Valmiki
  22. Modern Hindi Grammar
  23. Ramdhari Singh Dinker - Kurukshetra
  24. Sakuntala of Kalidasa
  25. Panchatantra Aurther W Rider=Rajendra
  26. links/hindi/text/026.htm
  27. Panchatantra Aurther W Rider=Rajendra
  28. Panchatantra Aurther W Rider=Rajendra
  29. Malavikagnimitram of Kalidasa - English=Rajendra
  30. Panchatantra Aurther W Rider=Rajendra
  31. Kautilya's Arthashastra
  32. Yoga,Ayurveda,Tantra and Mystic India=Rajendra
  33. Encyclopaedia of Hinduism
  34. Themes in Indian History 3
  35. Themes in Indian History 2
  36. Themes in India 2
  37. Harappan_Culture a Study Course
  38. Mahabharat, anushasana-parva
  39. Hinduism History 2 300-1100
  40. Asia in World History: 1450–1770
  41. Hinduism History 2 300-1100


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