Rules of Russian Orthography and Punctuation

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The Rules of Russian Orthography and Punctuation (Russian: "Правила русской орфографии и пунктуации", tr.: Pravila russkoy orfografii i punktuatsii) of 1956 is the current reference to regulate the modern Russian language. Approved by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Soviet Ministries of Education and Higher Education, it also became the first legally fixed obligatory set of rules.. However, it became a rare book and its principles are learned from school-books and manuals based upon it.

The rules it lays down have been criticised for incompleteness in some cases. In particular, the spellings of such words as maître (мэтр,metr) or racket (рэкет, reket) are given with "e", whereas in other rules there are three fixed words in which a hard consonant is followed by "e": peer (пэр,per), mayor (мэр, mer) and sir (сэр, ser). In 1990 an attempt was made to fill the gaps in the Rules of Russian Orthography and Punctuation.


  1. Russian language
  2. Russian alphabet
  3. Russian orthography
  4. Russian phonology
  5. Russian grammar
  6. IPA for Russian
  7. Russian-Cyrillic alphabet
  8. Informal romanizations of Russian
  9. Languages of Russia
  10. List of countries where Russian is an official language
  11. List of English words of Russian origin
  12. List of languages of Russia
  13. Spelling rule
  14. Romanization of Russian
  15. Russian language-History of the Russian language
  16. List of Russian language television channels
  17. Reduplication in the Russian language
  18. Reforms of Russian orthography
  19. Rules of Russian Orthography and Punctuation
  20. Russian language-Runglish
  21. Russian exonyms
  22. Russian Morse code
  23. Russian sayings
  24. Russianism
  25. Russophone
  26. Slavic languages
  27. Test of Russian as a Foreign Language
  28. The differences of Moscovian and St.-Petersburg's speech
  29. Vowel reduction in Russian
  30. Russian proverbs
  31. Russian proverbs:USSR
  32. ALA-LC romanization for Russian
  33. Great Russian language
  34. Olympiada of Spoken Russian
  35. Russian cursive
  36. Russian jokes
  37. Russian National Corpus


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